Suggestions on Improvements for Player Experience

Dear Gearbox, @JoeKGBX
Below is a short list of things I think would generally enhance player experience with Battleborn. After 170ish hours, I think you’ll find these suggestions reasonable and helpful. (and some possibly not so difficult to implement.)

  1. Gear fliters. Add a field where you can filter by attribute. ie, +regen or +health. When you’re sitting on 150 pieces of gear it becomes a waste of time to mouse over items.

  2. Story mode drop in up to X minutes. I’d rather join a story mode 5 minutes in progress than wait just to end up playing with only 1 or 2 other people. (Who leave half the time because the game’s not full and I’m stuck playing with 1 other person or re-queue.)

  3. Building on that, wait for 5 players option for co-op. Waiting a minute for 1 or 2 other players versus 3 minutes for a full 5 man… I’ll take the later.

  4. PvP AI for drop outs. Sometimes players get disconnected in PvP or sometimes they leave. PvP is not balanced at all for a 5v4 or 5v3. Adding the AI is not the perfect solution but it’ll offset the annoyance of losing a match because someone left be it intentional or not.

  5. A PvP “roulette” queue which throws you in whatever game mode is up first. With the group I’m usually with the only game mode we don’t like is that one that has you staring at swirling circles for 10 minutes. If any of the others are up, we’ll gladly take them immediately just to play.

  6. Status indicator for active gear buffs. Something small and simple and with a toggle for people who don’t want to see the icons. ie, when you get reduced CC or reload for 5 seconds after doing X. Or when you get bonus health regen after staying alive for 180 seconds. A small icon off to the side would be cool.

  7. New gear addition which adds chance to find ‘better’ gear during coop. I hate to use “magic find” as a comparison but most can relate; that’s kind of like how I’m using it here. I suggest having a new type of gear for “technology salvage” which increase the chance to get slightly better versions on rolls. ie, 5-8% chance to salvage better technology.
    Secondary stats on items could be something like, +5% chance of salvaging better tech after surviving 180 seconds. Or +8% chance to salvage better tech while health is full.
    I don’t know the exact formula you use on rolls but those numbers can change to whatever is balanced.
    Players will now have to decide if giving up survival or damage on other gear is worth the increase of finding more rare/legendary gear.
    Just to note, this doesn’t increase the drop chance, just the chance at having that common become uncommon, uncommon to rare, etc.

  8. Rank 100/15. I stopped playing my rank 15’s and I’m already at CR 100. There’s no reason to keep playing them right now so I’m leveling others which sucks because I love playing characters like Miko.
    Add an option to convert XP to credits or add multiple command rank levels. ie, At command rank 100 reset to rank 1 and you’re now Commander with 1 star. Or whatever you think works. Up to 5 star commander. Kind of like 5 star general. You would also still receive loot packs as well at appropriate ranks. In less than a month I was already in game modes with all level 100’s. Obviously your second run to 100 should take about 20-25% longer. Then third run should take 20-25% longer than the 2nd run.

  9. Player score adjustments for support. I believe you’ve touched on this already or may be working on it, but healers and players who focus solely on minion/building get BONED on the player scores. While yes most of us who ‘get’ the game play understand that someone who dedicates to minion clearing/building and goes 0 and 5 actually contributed a lot to the win it still kind of sucks to see them with maybe 5 points for the team score.


These are all great suggestions, @THaNaToS_J2 and I’ll happily pass them on. Thanks!

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Love these ideas! Especially the option to wait for 5 man on PvE. I personally don’t mind about getting more / better gear in coop but I can see that could be a popular feature.

Something I’d also love to see for gear: the ability to favourite items. Right now if you want to see what new gear has turned up you have to arrange by time acquired, which makes it hard to compare types. If I could see clearly what I’ve already approved, rather than reading each piece every time, it would make sorting gear much more convenient.

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While I definitely prefer 5-men mission, waiting times in my region most of the time are already very long, and it becomes OK to go into mission with only one or two team-mates. How do you implement this option without hurting queue times even more in such regions?

I would assume that is time zone specific then. I believe, not sure though, if you change your time zone (steam) you could be grouping up with more players at the expense of your ping time. On the east coast though, games are found very quick with only 1 or 2 players, people alt+f4, rejoin, wait for a full game.

The only good solution, and I use good loosely, would be to have servers located “in between” time zones. (horrible description, I know.) where players from two different time zones could be grouped together and everyone’s ping is equally “meh” but at least games are popping full and fast.

Battleborn could use a daily PVP/PVE Bounty Board for credits.

If I am really wishing for ponies and eternal rainbows Battleborn could also use a WoW-style AQ War Effort. Something that awarded players for achieving weekly game macro goals(i.e. complete a million incursions/ collect a billion shards), preferably with platinum.

It would be pretty sweet in PVE at the end of the match for a box to appear that would allow you to donate leftover shards to the war effort on behalf of whatever faction you were playing toward some weekly macro goal. If players hit the big numbers reward them with platinum. If they hit the little numbers reward them with packs. It might put more butts in the seats…


@JoeKGBX Thank you! I’ve added 6 though 9 which about covers the rest of my ideas. Or was it 5 through 9… I’m sure you’re so intrigued you’ll just re-read the entire thing anyways so no worries.


@THaNaToS_J2 you’re a star! Status indicator for active gear would be fantastic and so useful.

Love all these ideas.

On the gear salvage effect, i think it should effect the stats of the drop, not the quality (color). gbx could reintroduce legendaries varying stats then, because you’d have some control to up their stats on drop.
or lower. id like negative effects too, that lowers stats (so if you want min stats for some things you can aim for that)

But id also love to see added gear effects that affect rarity as well - those would be something like have a higher chance of getting xcolor, or lower chance of getting xcolor as the negative equivilent, though i think legendary wouldnt be a qualifier here.

I wouldnt be opposed to effects that affect drop rate, even (though careful there as that would be cumulitive between players, so maybe 1% max stat)

Especially since shard generators are a thing, these don’t seem too far off.

imagine people running pve with a bunch of gear specific to people who want to farm…they could all have the drop gear maxxed (so 5% from my example), and individually be running rarity and stat modifiers based on what they were looking for.
I don’t find gear really necessary in pve, so id have a loadout specifically for pve if this was the case.
This would also incentivise 5man play, even on difficult levels. :3