Suggestions or Why I didn't play BL2 DLC for six years

I’m what many here would call a filthy casual. Let’s get that out of the way. I’m not willing to grind and grind and grind and do the same crap over and over again. I’m not 1337, my aim sucks, I try quirky builds. I’m the scourge of ‘serious’ co-op gaming.

I love borderlands. I like the first one more than most people seem to, as well as the pre-sequel, though BL2 is a masterpiece. Not because of it’s online features or raid bosses either. Because of it’s characters, the story, the music, the world. But the hardcore mentality of online pushed me far away.

I’ve played a lot of online games, some are a lot like BL2. Some are not. Some continue to put you on a new treadmill with each addition of content, some allow you to progress more horizontally. The latter is so much better in every conceivable way except that it doesn’t give certain players the same satisfaction. I get it.

Anyway, this is so disorganized, but here is my plea. Focus on horizontal progression. Let players start doing the more freeplay style game after a single playthrough. Let them get up to level 50 during the story so they get to try a near-complete build before its over. Let us start getting skill points from level 2 not five.

We don’t need several play-throughs per character. And we don’t need a treadmill. I think what is more fun is expanding what characters can do, adding new characters and powers, adding new interesting loot that isn’t necessarily more powerful than the last batch, and new bosses and enemies that require tenacity over military precision, dynamic adjustments over gearscore.

And finally, here it comes boys… games don’t have to be super hard or grindy in order to be fun and rewarding (gtfo I know). The fun many of us have is in the team interactions and watching loot explosions. Doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. Just take my (our) money.

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