Suggestions to fix Story Matchmaking

Keeping concise


  1. Waiting for too long in matchmaking automatically puts you in a solo lobby. If I wanted to play solo, I would have entered Story Private by myself.

  2. There is no way to select advanced or hardcore for public matches, making them solo-only if you don’t have any friends, which is incredibly difficult on certain mission types.

  3. There isn’t enough choice in what missions you can vote for. I know you can’t just have every mission on the list, but there are better ways.

  4. Sometimes you find one person on matchmaking and it quickly drags you into the match, but you don’t have an option to wait for extra players.

Suggested solutions:

  1. Waiting in public matches cannot drag you into a solo game. At the very least, give us a prompt window asking us if we would just like to enter a solo match, or queue for something else.

  2. There needs to be the option to queue for advanced mode. To reduce inexperienced players joining and letting the team down, perhaps have a minimum rating of Gold or Silver on all normal mode missions before you can queue.

  3. There needs to be an option to vote for to ‘re-roll’ the mission choices. Only missions that haven’t been voted for could be replaced, so if one person has voted for a mission, only the other two missions could be re-rolled. Lots of people don’t want to abandon a match after they’ve queued in, so they let themselves be dragged through missions they don’t want to play just because they couldn’t opt for an alternative. Another solution would be to add the ability to queue for specific levels, like how you can queue for Heliophage directly.

  4. There should be a way to indicate that you want to wait for a larger group. Perhaps some form of ready button, or a prompt window etc

Don’t like my ideas? That’s cool, but if you are going to poke holes in my ideas, fill those holes with better suggestions


I like the ideas !
I feel like right now battleborn is fun, but the matchmaking is really bad…
We dont’ have much choice for solo players especially if you want to play on advanced mode… I mean just the fact you can revive allies in multiplayer makes it infinitly more easy. And the fact that you can’t do matchmaking for advanced or hardcore is also annoying if you don’t have people to play with…
So I like your suggestions ! I also feel like they should give a few advantages to solo players as I like to sometimes play solo, but right now it’s just full of disadvantages…

Your first suggestion is a good one.

I believe that your point #2 is in the works for an update. The reason I’ve seen being given for not having it at launch was that it would make it harder to find matches when the pool of players is smaller.

On 3, I’m wondering if the choice is limited by which missions have been unlocked by the player who has advanced the least through the story? I never see anything outside the first 3 or 4 missions if the other players are all obviously lower level (i.e. played less) than me. Conversely, the highest level I’ve seen is Saboteur, which I still haven’t successfully completed (might explain why I never see Heliophage!).

On 4, not sure. Currently, you could exit matchmaking if you really wanted to, but then you’d have to start over from scratch…

Like the ideas.

Would also like the option to change my map vote if I decided on a different map. Perhaps just one change of mind allowed, so the system is not abused.

Gearbox, Back button!! When I see any screen without a back button I cringe. Gearbox, Back button!! (my version of Kleese, Robot Suit!! Kleese…)

Pt2: I was also thinking it would be great to be able to set the lobby to different difficulty modes. Mass Effect 3 has a good way to set up a lobby with choices of map, enemy, and difficulty. Something to this effect (pun intended) would be cool.

When I started, I was given choices well beyond what I had unlocked from the public story lobby. From what I’ve seen, the missions are completely random. The exception is Heliophage. You have to properly unlock Heliophage through story progression (or at least completing #7, not sure), and then you can select it as a separate level in the lobby queue.

I currently exit matchmaking and re-enter to refresh the list and I normally end up with a decent sized group, but it’s really tedious, and often means the one person I get stuck with ends up going in alone. Having some form of option to wait for more people would just streamline the entire process.

As an alternate idea to having a re-roll, just being able to queue for a specific mission might be nice. Let people still just join a “random” story mission and choose between the 3 random choices. As an added bonus, make it so anyone who enters the random story queue and votes for a specific mission can also join people who are specifically looking for that mission. This would prevent the queue from being overly diluted.

I’ve noticed they have a “waiting time” listed for public matches (that all seem to say “short” all the time). Maybe to streamline matchmaking they could change that slightly to show more of an interest level, of how many players are currently in queue for that particular mission. That would mean starting a random story lobby would show you which of the 3 missions would be most likely to add more people to your party (if slots are available).

I think this would end up giving us all a lot more 5-person squads, which makes so many of the missions easier (more people to revive you, more people to find bonus points as loot, better team diversity and support etc).