Suggestions to Give End-Game More Variety

Dear Devs,
I hope you had a good holiday and I hope you please take some of these out of the box ideas to help improve BL3.

I am sure you are hard at work on many QOL adjustments and additional content, but here are some ideas I had to make the end-game a bit more accessible and give it a bit more variety.

Allow players who have beaten TVHM to be able to share the mission completion with their other characters. I know there are many players that replay the story over and over, but most of the end game content is built around being level 50, playing on the hardest modes, testing yourself/gear/builds to see what can be most effective. If you implement this, it will allow more casual players to be able to experience all the characters at end-game and keep them playing more. We already share gear between characters, why not missions?

Create small daily/weekly challenges or small quests per map. Give us a little bit more randomness and goals once we get to the end game. It doesn’t even need to have a huge reward, some pointless money or eridium would do the trick.

And lastly, please us give a bit more variety in weapon types. I would love it if there were more melee and sniper options. I played lots of BL2, TPS, and Battleborn, I know you guys can introduce weapons that have a wide range of mechanics, fighting styles, and effects. A COV sniper that is a bow and arrow, an atlas pistol that is like brass knuckles, those maliwan sword/baton and shield, or even have set pieces. All those would all be fun to play around with, especially more melee.

Thanks VC