Suggestions to make the game a worthy successor of Borderlands 2

Right now I think Borderlands 3 isn’t in a good spot and i returned to Borderlands 2, to me is better in so many aspects. Please Gearbox, start listening and communicating more with your community. It would need so little effort to make BL3 a great looter shooter, even better than BL2 (maybe not for the story :slight_smile: ):

-Please make possible to reroll annointments with eridium: the large loot pool and the number of annointments, make impossible to farm any weapon. In Borderlands 2 you had only weapon parts, here you have too many variables that make farming boring and not fulffilling. This would also make eridium more useful, encouraging players to farm another resource;

-make the mayem modifiers optional: you nerfed the recursion for optimizing the game, but you leave all the modifiers that make the gameplay a total mess. Returning to Bl2 or Destiny 2 to me the scene and the gameplay is more clean and legible. I think also that randomly modifiyng the efficiency of a build isn’t a great idea. A solution could be using this modifiers to increase the lucky for each one active and to obtain some special weapons, or limit them to some kind of content like proving grounds.

-gear balance: searching for builds and finding so many using the same 3 ******** weapons (light show, Flipper, etc…) breaks my heart. I think Borderlands 3 is the best when it comes to diversity of weapons and gear, but you can’t use them in endgame. I think that even BL2 (a poorly balanced game with a lot of OP weapons, released 8 years ago) has more viable gear than BL3. You should stop nerfing weapons and start making the weakest (Jakobs, Tediores, and so many many others) strong like the ones in the meta.

-Please make Seasonal events permanent: seeing the team putting so many efforts to create new activities and beautiful enviroments only to see them disappear after a short period of time makes me ungry. This is not a Game as a Service! if I want some seasonal content I play an MMO. Borderlands is a CO-OP Looter Shooter, and I want to play it When I have the time. It needs more content that is already in the game but it is unplayable.

-After you balanced your game, consider adding 1-2 Vault Hunters;

I’m sorry for my english, but I’ve read so many constructive discussions from this great community and it seems that they 're being ignored. I hope that Gearbox will start listening more to us and communicating more about their plans for the game. I’ll play Borderlands 2 until then.


I don’t think it can be balanced. Not without a major rewrite.

And quite frankly I’m tired of GBX’s effort to ‘balance’ the game. Feels more like micromanagement and QA testing.

BL3 is a beautiful looking game. They did a lot of nice things with it. But they entirely flobbed the major underpinnings. Mayhem, I think, was the biggest mistake. I would rather of had True Vault Hunter, and Ultra Vault Hunter mode. The existing TVHM doesn’t count. Mayhem has made it irrelevant.


I dont understand how balanced the game is at low levels. Using legendaries going through the story was so much fun not to mention random gear you found just to try. One of my favorite guns was the Horizon shotgun, It wasnt overpowered just fun. To present mayhem mode and levels with it but not have the balance to go along seems like they are rushing to get to a point but what is it?


It’s too late.

They spent a whole year wanking over the game and not listening to anything long time fans suggested, driving us away.

I have been unable to play since Guardian takedown. And, unlike bl2, I no longer miss it.

Try Gunfire Reborn. Tiny Studio, flawless game, bl2/ish feel. Working HUD !!!


TLDR: We can suggest all day long. I honestly believe GBX is trying to run this game like an MMO and that things are exactly how they want them to be.

Great suggestions but I think it’s too late. I have come to the conclusion that it’s a player problem, not a GBX problem. The game is clearly what GBX wants it to be and the patch notes every week back that up. It’s an annointment slot machine that wants desperately to be an MMO. You have tedious grinding, gear treadmills, seasonal events, “raids”, level cap increases, and constant hotfixes / patches to “balance” the game. Then when a new DLC comes out, all previous gear gets nerfed to encourage purchase of the new content. All it’s missing is fishing and an auction house.

I do not want those things. If I did, I’d go back to WoW. I want a FPS ARPG with gun variety, loot, and fun boss battles. In hindsight, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this is what we got. Aside from TPS, which I have mixed feelings on, GBX hasn’t released a decent game since BL2. Even that took YEARS to fix before being broken again with the Commander Lilith DLC.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to GBX because there is no subscription model. They have no incentive to keep me or anyone else playing beyond the next DLC purchase and with the season pass, that’s a non-issue. They already have my money and, to be fair, I got enough hours out of it to get my money’s worth.


I tend to spend a lot of time in mayhem 1 because it scales all content to you. Which is a nice feature that we always needed in Borderlands games.

However, as soon as I get “after action skill end, apply bonus damage” I start becoming too powerful. Then I have to start worrying about increasing to higher mayhem settings and I haven’t been comfortable playing in higher mayhem values yet. I’m starting to understand the call for removing anointments and rescaling mayhem. Or at least making anointments way different.

My big issue is not being able to level up old gear as new level caps come out.


I agree with you … I think all of borderlands 3 player agree but the game need so many change class mod rework / buffing weapons / Reroll anoints / Rework Anoints / … just to many , i like the game but even the fact that we don’t have any news from Dev’s , we don’t know what they’re gonna do and waiting 1 month for patch , no thanks


This is actually a common discussion point for a buddy of mine who also is a fan of the franchise. There are highs and lows, good and bad when it comes to this game.

The actual gameplay feels pretty good right now. It feels like your equipment can do the right amount of damage which is something that I would say the original Mayhem had correct. I’m not sure why they feel that in order to ramp the end game, they need to resort to this model where the enemies have a lot of hp, but that initial move is what broke all semblance of game balance because they didn’t take the time to balance the damage on things like pets and action skills before implementing it. I personally didn’t do too much overpowered stuff in BL2, because it didn’t appeal to me. Mayhem 6 is the sweet spot between challenging and rewarding for me in this game personally, with the exception of the Guardian Takedown for reasons that have been stated a lot on these forums.

I think we need more raid content. Borderlands 2 is the benchmark that a lot of people judge this game based upon. That game had a day zero raid with Terramorphous and added at least one new raid to each DLC which was great and flavorful. Even adding in Vermivorous in there as a hidden raid. Those raids make you re-visit places in the DLC area that you might not even bother going back to. In this game, there are no additional raids. Despite the community constantly asking for more traditional raids, they keep wanting to only do raids in the form of takedowns. Takedowns take a lot longer to produce and considering that many have asked for the old style of I pay eridium and I fight thing strong thing, I think it’s crazy that we haven’t seen at least a mix of that.

The DLC are all very good, but I don’t tend to re-visit the DLC areas unless I am farming. Having a raid boss arena in the corner of those areas gave me another reason to go back there. All in all, I think the lack of suitable things to kill as end game content just makes things kind of meh for me. Even the pre-sequel could have been salvaged more if they gave me something to kill with the stuff that I am farming.

I think that anointments were an interesting addition to the game, but there are so few that are actually worth something and the fact that higher difficulties hinge upon them, I would say this is an idea that shouldn’t be recycled for future installments.


There are so many good points in previous comments that there is nearly nothing new to add but talking to other fans the annoying thing with the seasonal events is that have followed the same path of undertake a tedious fetch quest to even gain access to the seasonal map and then once there kill everything in a straight line. Why didn’t they make them like the headhunter packs from BL2 interact with an existing NPC and do a series of missions that sends you all around the map. If you want to have some exclusive stuff for the season (player and weapon skins and echo themes) then that’s fine but for times like now where its the anniversary add them to an anniversary loot pool.

Athenas was a wasted opportunity, so much more could have been done with the planet and the same goes for Maya. Both the planet and the former Vault Hunter were done an injustice by essentially being wasted with next to no impact. The same goes for Gaige, another fan favourite from BL2 that was wasted by being wasted(drunk) most of the time.

I would go on but I feel as if I am starting to repeat myself, instead I will leave a link to the google doc I wrote on what I would have changed in BL3 to make it a much better game (I am still working on it at this point in time but I hope to have it finished in a couple of weeks).


I think a good idea to improve balance and annointments, annointments that are action skill specific should be part of the existing augments for each action skill. It would reduce the size of the annointment pool and give many of the action skills a much needed boost.

That being said, some of the annointments may need a slight nerf if this is done, but it would help reduce the reliance on annointments.


Don’t know who originally said it, but the idea that anointments should be linked to weapon trinkets sounds pretty good to me.

This alone does a couple of things. It takes away one layer of RNG from farming the perfect weapon, it makes trinkets useful (because rn they are absolutely useless), and it also makes the suggestion from a part of the community obsolete that there should be a way to reroll anointments. Additionally, the number of anointments then has no (negative) impact on the general farming experience.

So weapon trinkets need only be farmed once (or maybe up to four times for each slot separately) and you’re done with it. After that you can go back to focus on getting what truly matters (or should matter), weapons with the right parts and right element.


With the way duping is in this game, I could see why GBX might be hesitant to treat anointments this way.

It does remind me of sockets/gems in lots of other games, except they (anointments) are much more powerful in BL3.

The very fact that there’s such need and high demand for ways to circumvent the grind should tell GBX something is wrong with their system. I don’t know how console players do it. Like it or not, pc players that don’t use some sort of duping or editing are in the minority. It’s also the only thing keeping the BL3 streamers and youtubers alive. It’s a safe bet that less than half of what they use was legitimately farmed within the game.


It still BL2 for me. if they fixed multiplayer experience, loading and lags, plus add a raid boss then it will top BL2 for me.


That is where I am, hence why my copy of the game is collecting dust. If you would of told me last year that I would have loathed purchasing this game I wouldn’t of believed it. I would like to also mention that if they fixed the XB1X console crash and take the split screen co-op out of alpha status would make move in the right direction.


Outside of Amara and Zane, I just hate these classes compared to BL2. Even TPS had more fun classes.

Funny enough some of my favorite characters have been the DLC characters and they’re refusing to do that this time. I call BS on their argument that barely anyone played new characters. Gaige and Krieg were really fun. Doppleganger Jack was fun too.

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Yeah…the DLC characters, especially BL2 were a nice add on for sure. The way things are going with BL3 I would be hesitant to use a DLC character considering how many bugs it would come with.

after a terrible story, the mess that was the m10 and the game crashing and the tentical DLC I said that’s it I am out and done. Don’t care that I have the season pass and will not play the last 2 DLC’s, don’t care about what community events or other special things they plan. No longer care about BL4, 5 6 10 etc… I am done.


Yep, the game is toast. At least to me.

Once November arrives it’ll be a ghost-town. There have only been two games I have been looking forward too, this and cyberpunk. This ‘worked’ almost flawlessly (for me) since launch.

My Issues include.

HUD that worked for 8 MONTHS removed, setting broken, restored, slider does nothing.

No Raid Bosses
Pointless TVHM
Wasted Previous Characters.
Convoluted Bank system.
Too much waiting (just like TPS)
No decent side quests like ‘Good, bad, mordicai’ ‘Zaphod war’ etc.
Insulting End-game Content - A few slaughters and a couple of take-downs. Whoa there…!

All that without having to mention the soyy (sorry, Story), the disrespect to previous characters, Our lack of visibility during cut-scenes.

DLC 1 -
Ok, some hyperian bots at last, something to use Corrosive on. But the entire DLC enemies are not a patch on BL2’s Opportunities variety.

DLC 2 - Fine, a wedding. But where are all the NPC’s, you know, that would actually attend. Everyone from sactuary should have been there.

DLC 3 - Couldnt tell you. - Have not been able to play this game since GTD released.

DLC 4 - GIven their lack of giving a toss about the HUD issue, I doubt i’ll be able to play this either.

This game has much better mechanics - gun-play and sound (when it’s working and audibly). That’s about it.

And by the time they (if they) finally get round to adding some Raid bosses, etc. We will be long gone.

I had a theory about this game some months ago, about it’s longevity, and whether it was intentional.
Like they cut the game in half, and that Continuing in (4) countdown, was not really a joke.

Who knows. And frankly, who cares anymore.

I’ll check back next thursday; see if the patch notes contain any fix for the HUD. Beyond that, i’ve long moved on.


terrible story aside, I see it all as one big missed opportunity.

Things people seemed to love about the 1st game.

The slaughter domes, this go round the as just lack luster
the proving grounds sounded great but after I played them once saw no real reason to.
mayhem levels on paper looked fun, in reality they turned out to be an untested mess.
Anointments on gear and guns see above
Community events were somewhat of a bright spot I guess for what it’s worth
should have given us a way to level up guns and gear rather then have to re-farm and just waste endless hours
Raid bosses… what raid bosses
DLC’s were ok (the two I played)

Went back to the division, any agents wanna play hit me up.

add on that it’s not my 1st rodeo with this game… I played BL2 for endless hours for 3 years. Glad I didn’t get that vault tat that I was debating.