Suicide problem

Im playing with Moze on PS4, normal mode, mayhem 3, farming bosses.
In last few runs i got killed with ricochets(probably) no matter what gear or guns im using.
Currently im farming Graveward boss. Can somebody please help me?

Did you check the mods you have for M3? You probably have the ‘enemies have a 30% chance to reflect bullets’ one.

Best way to avoid that is to be a moving target (I jump around and shoot which solves most of the problem).

Another way to deal with reflecting enemies on M3 is the transformer shield and shock weapons. You can get it from the quest “It’s Alive” if you haven’t already done it (on TVHM if necessary), or as a world drop. In any case, the ricochets heal you instead of hurting you and you end up pretty much unkillable. Of course, you have to hope you don’t end up with another modifier like -50% shock damage at the same time.

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Thanks for suggestions, i will keep experimenting!

Best way to handle reflect is to just constantly move and shoot in bursts. I never had reflect cause any issues for me ever since I started playing TVHM M3. I don’t mind reflect modifier because it generally makes the bosses easier as it removes 1/4th chances of getting a worse modifier.

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