Suicide squad trailer

Let’s talk

The other day watched a video where J Leto sees him as Joker. Just say that his face was like when you found a rotting rat under your sink. Sort of…

Already posted it here, Train.

I don’t buy him as the Joker at all. Maybe if he lost the stupid grill, or whatever that is.

I definitely optimistic about both this and Batman v Superman, BUT, I found both movies’ Comic Con trailers to be a bit underwhelming.

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I liked the Superman v Batman trailer, exept Wonder Women, but I think the suicide squad one just looks like a mess…

Leto as Joker, I think it’s a bit to mutch psycho and to little Joker but we will see.

Yea, it’s hard to judge on what little we’ve seen of it.

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Apparently I’m the only one who fell in love with the superman v batman trailer. They hint that the plotlines in the movie are going to be pretty new/unique to the genre. Just the idea of the universe holding superman responsible for the utter destruction of metropolis has me… rabidly excited.

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Hype for Suicide Squad is real!
Batman VS. Superman not so much however.

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…do you even read

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Not sure how I missed it. Glad someone else is on board. God… if they do the things in that trailer right…

Batfleck will be great, not sure how he could be any worse than the ■■■■■ we had in the last three crappy ‘vry edgy man’ movies.

Suicide Squad looks pretty good, some dumb character design that looks good in motion.
Also never forget, Margot Robbie kissed a girl on tv and it was a big thing here. Never forget.

Haven’t talk about it here mutch because Suicide Squad thread.

So… you didn’t like Dark Knight?

Yeah. We could probably start a comicon thread at this point. I just wish I could find an apocalype trailer that actually had sound.

Best one out of three. Still horrible due to the acting of the titular character, among other things.

There should probably just be a DCU thread like the MCU one.

Good movies that’s fun to watch but not great movies.

Ok. Ok. I can handle Batman Begins. There are some criticisms about delivery and such, it does still feel like a boilerplate origin story (although it was riding the front end of the bubble, and was still quite good in my regard).

I get dark knight rises. It was a bit heavy handed in the symbology, and had kind of a dumb ending. Quite a lot going on.

The… Dark Knight though?

Every time me and my friends have to talk about comic book movies, we have to throw it out because it’s a given that it is the accepted Godfather of comic book movies. ■■■■, I wrote a paper for a psychology class on it and it’s take aways from the Dark Knight Returns. Yes, it has faults. It was about thirty minutes too long and has a few weird plot holes, but still…

Do you guys hate the batman voice that much?

Lets end it at that on this thread, allready derailed enough.

Maybe a general movie thread?

watch the college humore batman’s

Whole bunch of them

You will never watch the batman movies the same…

Yeah, I’ve seen a few of them, and yes, there is a grating voice. Whatever. But yeah, we are derailing deep breath, hyperventilates.

All I’ll ask is… if you guys want to continue this discussion in another thread, I absolutely can.

I just… I’ve never heard the words “meh” or “I didn’t like it” in reference to DK. Ever. You would have shocked me less by telling me that you don’t believe in gravity.

But yes, we are derailing threads.

Although really, I think we could swap this over to a comicon trailer discussion thread and no one would care.