Suitable shield anoints for an IC Moze buid

I’m just on getting my IC gun Moze to 65 and am happy with my skill build. I am, however, at a loss as to what anoint I should be looking for on my shield. Any thoughts?

For instance, does ‘when exiting iron bear cooldown is increased’ proc when IC ends?

I believe it does. ASE rolls are an option as well. Tough choice but perhaps the bonus elemental damage for 10 seconds is up there as a good option. I also think the exit IB shield increase works so will help.

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I’m not struggling for damage (CMT OGT, flipper, full blue tree, splash ammo regen, blast master com) and not really struggling for shield capacity. I would, however, like IC back sooner, so if ‘exit iron bear’ anoints proc on IC end, the cooldown version would be nice. I have a stop-gap with that anoint so will give it a go. May have to go in search of an old god with that anoint.

I actually think I have an old god with that annointment. I can check today.

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If you add me and send a separate PSN message as a reminder I can invite you tomorrow to make a copy.

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Thanks, but I gotta work tomorrow then for 6 days straight :frowning:

The kills reduce cooldown anointment is probably the best for what you want, but depending on your build and shield, an action skill start anointment can have handy utility.

An action skill start recharge-berner or frozen heart could be interesting, for example.

If going for a nova type shield; “enter/ exit ib nova” is still better, as with cub - it procs on start + end. Void Rift and Stinger are other good options for this

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Good point.

Did you notice that the nova activation happens at different times?

The in/out has a fair delay after action skill start. I’m guessing it’s the time it takes to play the (non-existent) entry animation.

AS start is instant.

Does the exit nova happen if IC is destroyed? I’ve not paid attention.

Yes i had noticed, it does proc on cubs demise aswell. the only nova shield i would use as-s on is recharge-burner for its primary effect - however pointless it may be having gotten rid of your oh sht button.

  • Should still be a decent alternative on a kamikaze cub/flame setup
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I’m actually working on a Tank/summoner/mage Moze at the moment. So iron cub, grenades as primary DPS, with a focus on taking all health and shield skills.

Her skill trees are kinda getting in the way though. Tenacious Defense seems like a good thematic choice, but it’s a stretch to get all the points allocated.

I want to use recharge berners or frozen hearts but I think I may need to settle for a BBB.

I may have to include rocket launchers for M10/11.

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