Summarize For Me In How This Game Is Before Season 2

Asking because I stopped playing a bit after DLC4 in Season 1. I want to know that if I was to start playing this game and assuming I buy Season 2, what will I get? (Also S2 Pass on sale)

I don’t mind reading through a long-written post in what I can expect to see a little after S1 DLC4 to the current state of the game here.

Questions I need to ask.

  • Are variety of weapons are fun to use based on meta and gimmicky wacky builds?
  • Do Vault Hunters have even more variety of ways to build them based on playstyle? (never seen their purple skill tree as of yet)
  • Any fun things to do in BL3 besides just farming for gear annointments?
  • Are specific annointments still hard to obtain? (mostly why I quitted long ago)

These came in my mind but I want to be sure if I’ll have a good time on here before deciding to buy S2 Pass. I already do feel stale of playing CoD Zombies and playing Pokemon Sword on my Switch

GBX continues to buff weapons every so often…most are viable, but that depends heavily on your build.

Purple trees are ridiculously powerful, and some VH’s (like Moze and Zane) are so powerful the game doesn’t pose a challenge anymore. But yes, all VH’s have a variety of builds that can be fun…BL3 is better than BL2 when it comes to balance and variety (for the most part)…however, there is no new content to use them on…so a lot of players left.

You can do Takedown 15 times straight if you like lol…no but seriously, like I said above, not a lot of new content. There’s Arms Race, but I hate it, because if involves no skills/AS/perks/etc…and that makes BL3 a boring, mediocre shooter to me.

They’ve only added MORE anointments (even if you don’t have S2), so farming for the one you want may take a LOOOONNNGG time…don’t hold your breath…you’re better off trading for them.


Yikes. First two of my question is good news to me but then the last two concerns me. I get burnout too fast and bored with long term with the game.

Itching to jump back into this but I probably have to double or triple think it over

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On April 8th GBX adds a machine to reroll annointments for the cost of Eridium. (No amount given yet).
So that should be less of an issue, maybe none at all.

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This… okay this is by far the best thing I’m hoping for. I will try to buy S2 tomorrow

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This is news to me, where did you read this?

Hopefully not or else I’d be very upset and sad they pull such a prank.

Nope. Their April Fools joke is turning the VH’s pets mini-sized. Even Phaseflare.

I bought S2 Pass just now. Going see all the stuffs I miss and get up to date with them.

Still excited with the 8th coming up