Summary of Twitch Q+A with Randy V (Jythri)

Thanks to @newfoundcontrol, who originally posted links to this Reddit thread summarising the info from Twitch Q+A with Randy Varnell.

Loads of good info about matchmaking, patches, performance, and balancing.


Amazing stuff. Can’t wait for this game to only get better and better.

Changes to Kleese vaguely mentioned? :open_mouth: Leave my old man alone!(unless they’re buffs).

Listening now, this is good stuff

Thanks @Jythri for the communication

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These changes are good to know but i feel they should maybe disable selection of marquis on overgrown until the patch is ready as who knows how long that will be and at the moment its completely ruining the game.

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I just read all of that and OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED FOR BATTLEBORN’S FUTURE! :smiley:

Thanks for posting!

If you read a bit further down in the reddit…you’ll see someone else has also bullet pointed a lot of these points.
On the Kleese section they say that the change will be: nerf to his damage.

Anyway, to everyone else, check a bit further down (Posted by Danwarr and 3-4 posts down) and you’ll see that there is more specific information for a few of the topics. Like the Galilea desecrate nerf I think will make silence and wound be on proc only and not over time.

Yeah, they doubled his damage, which was just too much, mostly on the charged laser upgrade, I can out-snipe most ranged characters with a support… kinda jacked. They need to up the damage on his mortar, and drop the damage on that and the taser just a weeeeee bit and he should be in line…

I love playing him, so I’m hoping they don’t overdo it.

Thank you for sharing this!

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I went to reddit looking to see if there was any new Shift codes and saw the thread then posted it on a few threads here since it answered some questions people were having (Galilea balances, matchmaking issues, and the thing about the legendary items). Don’t know if I was the first to find it, but I know I used it a lot today, haha.

So, plus side; good information for everyone.
Bad side though… no new Shift codes :-\


I hope they don’t mess with the default non-helix primary much. It doesn’t seem overpowered.Even the taser doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, given the short range, 2 targets max, and chair power limitations.

I agree, it doesn’t, it’s just the focus laser that’s a problem.

I actually don’t like using the focus laser anyway.

lol, you should try it, it’s kind of ridiculous right now :wink:

Character Specific Legendaries will be homogenized? NICE.

I made a topic in the Beta forums specifically addressing that as an issue, woOo.

I really like that a lot of the suggestions by the community (the ones that made sense) are being considered.

Collision on overgrowth, The Saboteur mission, Marquis Sentry Snipin’, and Shepherd Bots in Overgrowth…all valid issues that are getting addressed soon.

I’m excited.

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Sounds great

Yeah its great but there is a fine line between a dev that listens and one that listens too much.

Sure, And my experience of Gearbox, especially over the Borderlands series, is that they are firmly on the right side of that line.

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I nearly cried reading this post. Every bit of it fills me with more optimism than one body should be able to contain. Every bit of information bleeds intelligence, I can’t believe how smart they’re handling this, and how active they’re being. I hope they continue everything they’re currently doing, because it’s the right direction to take, absolutely 100%.

I’m just a little…bothered? By hirez and Riot reaching out to gearbox. It’s great that they did, but Hi-rez is doing a pretty bad job with Paladins at the moment, and I’m fairly sure most people will agree that League is far from balanced… Other developers hammering in the idea that they need to wait a few days for people to cool down about something is a good idea… But that can also be the time it takes for people to give up trying to say it’s a problem, it’s why we need people constantly playing the other side of the argument. We can’t have riot-y threads about characters or abilities or whatnot and not have people also getting on them and making detailed arguments against them. Conversation has to be had so that people understand why something is powerful, or why it isn’t as powerful as people might think.

We as a community have to refine our ideas against eachother, so that our voice to gearbox is clear. Not just shouting and crying, and absolutely not squabbling children telling eachother to just “git gud” because someone doesn’t understand how to combat rath ult. An involved, vocal, and intelligent community is what’s going to keep this game alive, one that’s interested in this game’s well-being. With us behind Gearbox, they’re going to take this game far, I assure you all of that.


There was a great inside the box article a long while back where they were talking about taking feedback and understanding it.

One example I recall was for one of the borderlands games, might of been bl1, that feedback was movement was to slow. The gearbox people instead of speeding up movement they just sped up the animation of the character moving, arms swinging and all and people were very happy with that.

They listen but they also take in data and they know their own games. So they don’t do the “knee jerk reaction” patches or fixes.