Sumo not dropping the revolter

Ok, last night I finished the first part of the Ava podcast murder mystery side quest and started farming Sumo. The mission completed, the first one, and I used the New U Station right at the top of the stairs there before Sumo. I farmed him for about an hour and did not get one drop. Is this item have a low drop rate? I had no problem getting my Frozen Heart from Aurelia and my Rakk Pack from Cunning boss. Mayhem 11 by the way. Any help would be appreciated, maybe I was just super super unlucky? Did about 15 to 20 runs on him.

I think so.
I’ve found 3 in half of one hour.
If you’re on psn add me. I’ll send you one

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that seems like bad luck. I’ve always had very low drops rates in both BL2 and BL3 (far below what people report is the official drop rate) but with the re-volter it’s about a 25-33% rate for me. I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than 3 or 4 tries without getting one and usually get 2 or 3 consecutive successful runs.

I’d also add it’s possible it’s being affected by the special event. although that map location is not part of the promethea zone for purposes of this week’s event, it might be affected by it unintentionally.

How much of that farming time is spent in the loading screens and UI? I imagine 1-3 minutes from kill to spawn. I got flagged for platform wars when I discussed this elsewhere but I do think that’s an underlying issue in itself-
Players on one platform want higher drop rates, but players on PC may think the drop rates are fine because they load much faster than console players.
For instance, in my experience, any dedicated drop I’ve tried to farm has only taken 30 minutes max. Lillith boss from DLC 4, whatever she dropped was the longest in my experience.
But seeing someone say ‘farmed for an hour’ on console could mean they really spent 30 minutes in loading screens and 30 minutes actually playing the game.

But like Bigredtarheel mentioned, GBX hotfixes do screw with things sometimes that they shouldn’t, so. Could always just be a broken hotfix too.

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I hear you on the load times, thats why I mentioned I killed him roughly 15 to 20 times. I didnt really count, I just know it was from 10 pm to 11 pm, prior to hitting the hay and listening to Last Podcast on the Left while farming. Im on Xbox one, so my load times are bad at the start but by the time it’s been running awhile they are roughly 45 to 60 seconds per load screen.
I thought maybe I was farming the wrong guy or perhaps I needed to finish the complete murder mystery side quest before he drops it. But it sounds like it was per bad RNG. Ill try again tonight.
By the way, has anyone noticed a difference in drop rates from Mayhem 10 to Mayhem 11?

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Revolter always took me a bunch of runs to get it to drop. Figure the drop rate was lower than published.

I got a revolter about 4 hours ago. One out of ten tries.

no hes just a lil bitch, took forever and 2 firstborns to get one with vagabond parts

He drops, but as usual dedicated drops suck really hard

I noticed that in the last week or so, I’m hardly getting any legendary drops in Mayhem 6.

I didn’t get to play last night so I didn’t get to see if he was still stubborn but I have a quick side question:
How do I get Terror Annointments? I have the Cartel event active, do I just switch that to the Captain Haunt one and re roll at Crazy Earl’s or do you have to have the event active and actually farm to get a terror annointment?

My understanding is you need Bloody Harvest active. Not sure if the Terror anoints then show up in the re-roll machine or not, but they were all over the place for me while BH was on.

You can re-roll into terror annoints if the events active
Which is a good thing to remember if you’re hunting for a base game annoint so you don’t waste rolls!

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Number of attempts matters, time to do it does not. If his drop probability for Revolter is 15%, and you did it 15 times, probability of not getting one is:

(1-0.15)^15 = 0.087

So, roughly 9% likelihood of not getting a drop. Unlucky, but as far as statistics go - “it happens all the time”.


When BH is active terror anointments get the front seat :wink:

I think you can still reroll to standard anointments (i hardly played BH, only to get a better ghastcall)

When it’s not active the reroll will NOT have terror anointments in the list.

So with that, a warning for people who are using the reroll machine…
If you want a standard anointment, disable BH otherwise you’ll be adding a ton of anointments to the list and will blow your eridium. (and i think it prioritised terror anointments)

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This is correct. If BH is active, weapons with terror annointments can reroll into standard annointments using Earl’s Reroll Machine. This is the only time terror annointments can be rerolled. They won’t be selectable for reroll otherwise.


Just a quick note, go check your lost loot machine in sanctuary, often times when killed near walls (and 75% of times when you kill him as soon as he spawns) he will drop his loot inside walls so you won’t see any items. I farmed him for 30 mins on my Moze and he wasn’t dropping anything (was 1 shotting him on spawn with Iron Bear), then I went back to sanctuary and 3 ReVolters in the lost loot machine.

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Ok, I finally got to play last night and my very first fight with Sumo he dropped the Re Volter. Then on the 3rd kill he dropped another. So thanx for all the replies guys but it was just crap RNG.
Thanx again