Sunspot Stacking

@Jythri @JoeKGBX
Was it intended to not allow Sunspots to heal at the same time? For example, if one heals 50 per second, but you have two out, both will try to heal you and expend health, but you’ll still only heal 50 per second. I’d understand why it would happen but can we at least stop both from healing or know why this would happen if it is intended? If it wasn’t intended and there’s no plans to fix it, I don’t really mind, as I’d rather have more useful fixes than this tiny thing, but I’m just wondering


i used to wonder about this back when i played a lot of Ambra. stacking those suns didn’t seem to do much of anything for you, when logically you would think it’d increase your heal rate.


Yep, oh @yellow told me this

Yeah, I never got a response on this when I made a topic some weeks back.

What bothers me is the lack of any indication on game that it works this way. All visual feedback suggests the opposite.
Making things like this counterintuitive is something I really hate about some games.