Super basic questions about the new DLC

(Brakhole) #1

I understand there are two new bits of content - Holodome and Jack’s AI…I think.

Same questions apply for both:
How are they accessed (area waypoints or fast travel locations)?
Are they something we can do in NVHM - essentially adding content to the 1st playthrough?

  1. Fast Travel
  2. Yes,

(Thefaceofboe) #3

Access: Holodome is accessed on the fast travel map. It’s location is marked as holodome on the name chart and it’s location appears near V. Solitude on the map markings. Jack’s AI is given by the Jack obsessed scientist (I want to say Nakayama, but his name always escapes me off the top of my head) who is located in a lab in the Hyperion Hub of Heroism. You gain access to him and his quest lines in a side mission that takes you to his lab.

I haven’t tried in normal, but I have in both TVHM and UVHM, so I assume you can do them both in normal as well.

(Brakhole) #4

Excellent, thanks. OK, then if the DLC adds some content to my playthrough on normal, then I will most certainly be picking it up. Yay!

(Where's lucky?) #5

It’s also a good way to close that XP gap in TVHM