Super cool Annoitned Gunner GRENADE!

Update : so surprise surprise , its bugged. The annointment works first time you equip and get into IB. Then stops working next time. Only way is to unequip and equip each time before going into IB to get it to work.

Man I gotta say my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw this in a vending machine. Most just because I never knew grenades can be annointed (have never seen one after more than 200+ hours of gameplay), but because of what this annointment DOES .

If you’ve been following my topics on here I’ve been saying part of the GBX buffs for IB should include the ability to use mozes equipped grenade while in IB , since the grenade button is not used anyways.

Now to suddenly see an anointment like this shows me that mechanically, it CAN work !! And it would require little coding or testing at all! I would settle for the 20% chance ti spawn a grenade annointment to be a one point skill if GBX doesn’t want us to be avkr to throw grenades while in IB at will.

Honestly it’s just awesome. And would work well except the grenade I have kinda sucks. Doesn’t home or Mirv or anything , however IB doesn’t just lob the grenade , he shoots it sort of like the longbow grenades , which helps with hitting targets a bit.

I tried testing removing it and equipment a Hex while in IB with the vain hope the annointment will carry over to Hex, but it doesn’t even work if you try equipping it back : you have to have it equipped before you get into IB

Still… pretty awesome! I confirmed that legendary grenades CAN come with this too! My dream would be a recurring Hex with this annointment . Man I’d trade anything for it !!

Pretty cool!!

-edit topic got move my statement now irrelevant here:

Anyways if you are on PC, I could send what you seek.

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Man… what I wouldn’t do for that. I’m on ps4 unfortunately :frowning:

How do you even get this ? Seriously I’ve beaten the story like 6 times and playing end game with moze for dozens of hours and to my knowledge I’ve only seen an annointed grenade once… let alone a recurring hex one.

Is there a specific trick to getting annoited grenades to spawn ?

How is it with IB ? Does it still home in on enemies when it drops it?

Nope it was my first anointed grenade ever, I got it from Graveward a long while back. I haven’t used it yet since I’m waiting for the Iron Bear crash to be fixed before I put more time into IB builds.

Unfortunately that anointment is quite rare. All the times I’ve seen it, it’s been on some grenade that wasn’t really worth using.

Well, except the one I threw away because I didn’t understand the implications of it at the time (cloning hunter-seeker) so I’m kicking myself over that one ;).

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If you play on M3 you will get annointed stuff all the time, vending machines, floor, chests… Yesterday i joined a session where they were doing a run on slaughter and after one run I had to get out because there were so much legendaries on the floor that i didn’t want and nobody wanted that they were cramping the map… I couldn’t do it anymore… You must be a jinx. The grenade that I am using atm is because of the annoying ghosts, so it gives me 50% bonus ice dmg whenever I am in terror, since it is on a grenade it is always active, with any weapon or skill or melee, but the other grenade that I like to use gives 1 grenade at skill start.

…I…I absolutely misunderstood this anointment. I thought it meant I’d regen a grenade :joy::sweat_smile::sob:

Same here… Only got this annointment once so far on a legendary rad MIRV granade. Sold it due to lack of space… Allright, time to grind on :wink:

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Dude… you sold it ? Wow… I could have totally taken that off your hand :frowning:

Yeah I always play on M3… definately annointed drops all the time but I’ve NEVER seen it on a grenade before. It’s so frustrating knowing that in probably 200+ hours of gameplay I’ve only seen an annointed grenade ONCE. I didn’t even know grenades can be annointed

Now a recurring hex (cryo or rad ) with that annointment is my new unicorn . Knowing my OCD I wont stop until I get it but its depressing knowing how rare it is. My only hope is the upcoming specific loot pools will have one for the Hex… but knowing GBX they will do something like also lower annointed rates again or something like that.

Man I want it sooooo bad


So found an epicenter legendary grenade with that annointment… and the annointed is bugged. It only works the first time you get in IB after equipping it. Next time you get in it doesn’t work. You have to unequip and equip it each time before getting in IB for it to work

Honestly GBX is just … ugh…

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Holy ■■■■, I’m sorry for your loss…