Super Deluxe Borderlands 3 Issues


I’ll try to keep this as short as I can.

For whatever reason, none of the content promised on the box is in the game. I’ve looked through the mail and it’s entirely empty, I tried to redeem the code and it was already taken.

I’m locked out of the custom content, DLC, Season Pass, and Cosmetic Packs.

I saved up for this game and I need some help so I don’t feel like I wasted my money.

The purchase of said Super Deluxe Edition game could even be viewed on my PSN.

I am most disheartened

I’m a little unclear about one thing here: is this a digital version or a disk version you purchased? And just to confirm, you purchased through the PS store?

This would be the hard copy version. Tin case with the sleeve over it, all that jazz.

Edit: The only PS Store related thing I used was the redeem code since it wasn’t as long as a Shift code.

But it’s become apparent that I have to buy the DLC I can on PSN and lose out on all the bonus content I bought this edition for.

this is your problem right there.

you might contact PSN or the place you purchased the game for a new codes.

Seconding nat’s comment. A code in a shrink-wrapped case should not be expired. I would take this up with the PS store since they processed the transaction and should have the relevant information in their records.

When you get the game box is it sealed? if yes then, just to add another posibilities, make sure your PSN account region and the code you get is on the exact same region, if you have US PSN account then the code you enter is must for US region / region 1. I have this problem in the past when i found out that the code i enter for the game (darksider 2) is region 2 / europe while my PSN account is region 3, so i created region 2 account and manage to redeem the code.


So I contacted PSN and they’re unable to help in any way, only hope I have now is to reach a Gearbox employee which will be next to impossible.

I did try region settings and it didn’t do anything.

I was told that the Code Voucher may have been expired by the time I picked up the game… which again means I’d need a Gearbox employee. The staff at PSN cannot generate new codes and I have absolutely no idea how to actually reach out to Gearbox without being buried in the forums…

This is very disheartening to say the least…

You can contact support through the link in the pinned post at the top of this section.

I don’t think I’ve heard of codes included with physical copies of the game expiring before - that’s weird. But “expired” is NOT the same as “already used”. I’m honestly a little surprised that the PS Store can’t simply request a replacement code from 2K/GBX (I believe it would actually be 2K who would generate the code as they are the publisher/distributor).

Unless there’s some region-specific thing going on here - what country are you in?

I have physical version of pre-order super deluxe version that include extra gold weapon skin+all dlc, and on the dlc card it’s printed that the expiration date is year 2024, mine is region 3 and i assume its similiar for all region, so i think expiration is not the problem here.

@wolkenwand raises a good point - can you check your code card for an expiration date?

In your one post you said that you used the redeem code in the PSN store since it wasn’t as long as a shift code. You do have to go into the PSN store & “purchase” each of the DLC’s and download them to your system. If the code was entered all you would have to do is go to the download page for each dlc & purchase them for $0.00 since the code would already be redeemed. You would then need to download them to your system & once installed they would be ready to play. They don’t automatically download to your system when they are released. Just a thought based on your one comment. Also did you check your in game mail from the social menu when you are playing the game with your character? That’s is where you would find the bonus skins, weapons & such. Took me a couple of days to figure that out when I started playing. Hopefully this is helpful.

Expiration is in 2024 upon inspection

How exactly do I change my region for the code if it’s Region 3?

Also I contacted PSN they told me to contact 2K, I got ahold of a gentleman named Craig and showed him video and pictures of my issue and explained it all.

They can’t do anything without a receipt for the game and I bought it months ago (my PS4 was in pawn shop and I wanted to get the game to have a copy once I got my PS4 out of said pawn shop). So I don’t have a physical copy of a receipt.

Which means my options are to uninstall this game, buy a brand new SDE:B3 and install that and use that code.

Or buy the Season Pass which is like sixty bucks outta the gate and… I’m not well to do. I’m very broke, my PS4 being in a pawn shop sorta verifies that. I’m broke and very disheartened/sad…

I’m trying to check my bank statements to see if I can find a proof of purchase that way and give them the number they need to generate a new code but it’s not looking promising.

Words fail to describe how beaten down I feel after all of this… I thank all of you for your help and support, it means a lot to me. It really does… I wish I had better news to relay…

EDIT: It looks like upon research I wouldn’t be able to change my Region since my account is designated to the Region I’m in and if I DID change it there’s a chance I wouldn’t be able to change it back anyway… Oi…

Does PSN have a purchase history section? I know with my XBL account I can go back and review store purchases.

You need to create another account with another region and use it to redeem the code.

Once you downloaded it with that account you can play it with your main account.

I have 2 psn accounts 1 is r1 and another is r3.