Super Deluxe Digital Bonuses

So I’m preloading now and all I see is the game itself, Boost Mods Pack and Butt Stallion Pack. Was curious where the Neon, Retro, Toy and Gearbox packs are? Shouldn’t they be with the other downloads or will they just be available as part of the game? I really want my Neon pack :grimacing:

I was able to download those before I was able to install the game. I’d got to the games store page or your library and check for updates.

What platform? I forgot to add I’m on Xbox. My buddy who preordered as well says he sees the same thing as me.

I’m on pc & own the super deluxe edtion,Hopefully on game release it will ask you to download the rest of the content as currently you’ve pre-loaded the base game which is around 55gb with roughly 20gb to download on the 13th…also coincidently on my ssd there is a Pending folder which is blank which i imagine is the pre ordered/DLC content that has yet to download