Super Deluxe DLC items dissapeared

I purchased the Super Deluxe edition. Everything downloaded, and I checked my inbox in game. However, after acquiring items from inbox, half of the items have disappeared, like all of my skins, a couple trinkets, and that loot relic. I’ve checked the changing station, thinking maybe they just automatically unlocked. I’ve even re-installed the game. I’ve got nothing. Any help would be great, cause I did pay for these items.

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Can you confirm that the relevant DLC packs are still on your PS4’s drive alongside the game? If not, can you re-download them at all?

I can confirm. I’ve deleted and re-installed everything, including DLC.

All I can suggest at this point is filing a support ticket - they may have additional trouble-shooting steps you can try, but this will also put the issue into the system for visibility.

I have all the add ons, but not the season pass that was supposed to come to with the Super Deluxe. I’ve opened a support ticket so hopefully they can get it fixed.

Exact same issue, only I ordered Deluxe not super deluxe. I have the toybox weapons and xp/loot boosts but nothing else. Neither does my friend - he ordered super deluxe - we opened mail items together while playing co-op today. :roll_eyes: