Super Deluxe Edition cost compared to BL2 + DLC new cost

In Canada, the standard game is $60 and it’s $40 more for the Super Deluxe (Season Pass - all 4 DLCS). I’m just curious how this compares to past DLC/Season Pass costs in Borderlands 2.

How much was each DLC and the Season Pass when it was released in BL2?

Just trying to save a few doll hairs, thanks!

The BL2 season pass was well worth the money. I may still have my pre-order receipt around somewhere, but I think it was $60 + $20 (for the pre-order package). That’s also CDN, btw.

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Thanks. I assume you’d save $ paying $40 (CAD) for the Season pass Vs. buying 4 DLCs separately, just wanted to make sure.

I worked it out, and it was a 4 for the price of 3 deal for BL2. And since I was already positive I’d by them all, it was a no-brainer.

The Super Deluxe version isn’t just the game plus the Season Pass. It also includes the cosmetic packs from the regular Deluxe Edition. The Season Pass has a separate entry, but there isn’t a price for just the Season Pass yet.

Ah yeah, since those bonus skins in the Deluxe cost $20, the Season Pass costs only $20 more from that (plus you get the added Super Deluxe ones).

Just thinking outloud…seems worth it even if you don’t care for the skins.

The skins are worthless for me. So many of the ones in BL2 were hideous. That said I wish I had bought the season pass when it first came out. I ended up spending way more than its cost in the end.

for BL2, I remember the standard game was about $60 (which is the norm) and then the season pass i think was about $30. But that was just season 1 stuff.

hunters (Krieg and Gaige) were separate.

season 2 stuff (holiday themed and crawermax) was at a later time. i think that stuff was like $10 each.

tbh, its pretty standard price. $60 for the standard, $80 for deluxe, $100 for super deluxe and of course the $250 for the collector edition. Season pass i think is always around $30 for me

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Hey, so I am super interested in getting the super deluxe version, but I’m a little hesitant, because the Battleborn season pass only applied to the account that bought it, meaning only they got the new characters and dlc. Since my family plays couch coop all on the same PlayStation, it was a huge disappointment. However, the previous Borderlands games don’t work like that, so I guess I’m just wondering if anyone knows how the season pass will work for BL3?

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I cant speak from an extra informed point of view but it will more than likely follow the previous borderlands games, and the dlc will be available across all accounts. I think BattleBorn was more of a special case.

This is one key reason why I won’t be pre-ordering this title (as much as I loved Borderlands 2) - don’t need them to pull a Battleborn on us and lock season pass content to the purchasing profile only. Hopefully they will address/answer this somewhere for us.