Super Deluxe Edition DLC Code not working

Tried to get this issue resolved with tech support, but your Indian call center lacks English skills, so I’m forced to take this directly to Gearbox’s forum.

I purchased the Super Deluxe Edition, but the code used to download all of the DLC and season pass won’t work. It says the code was used, but that’s impossible. It’s new, sealed edition of the game. How could the code already be used?

And don’t say “talk to Sony”. They told me it’s the dev’s problem.

I had a similar problem. Are you redeeming it in the in-game Shift menu, or through VIP?

Through the “Redeem Code” option on PSN, which I’ve always done, and has always worked.

This is frickin’ ridiculous. I don’t have access to content I legit paid for and I don’t even get a REPLY from Gearbox support? Not even a response? Unacceptable!

Game refunded. Telling all of my friends who were already on the fence (gonna tell them to download Destiny 2 instead). If I get B3 again, it will be a used copy.

Hi, I have the same problem like you two. Is there any other solution to this problem which doesn’t resolve to refund the game. (It will take so long). My “redeem code” says that it’s expired but it is brand new and new copy. ? .