Super Deluxe edition redeem code not working

Got a physical B3 game for Christmas. Just downloaded it last week. Went to enter my 25 redeem code at the xbox store and it said my code was already redeemed??? The game was bought through Game Stop.
Nothing is showing up in the “mail” section of the game. Also when I look at the game on the Xbox store it shows that the game is still for purchase and not owned.

Any suggestions?

Was the code for the base game itself (ie no physical disk in the case) or just for the extras associated with the Super Deluxe version? If the base game was installed from physical disk, then I don’t think it will show up as “purchased” in the store - you always have to insert the physical disk if that’s how you purchased the game.

The code is a different matter though - I would suggest going back to Game Stop and asking them about that.

I’ve downloaded the game from the physical disk and have been playing it.
But yeah the code that came with physical game to access the season pass and extra content just keeps saying it was redeemed already.

I’ve been chatting with Gearbox support and they’ve been really fast in response and are trying to figure it out. Gamestop unfortunately has not replied at all. I’ll probably go into the store and see what they say.

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve heard that, at least at some Game Stops, the disk packages are assembled and shrink-wrapped in store. Which means an unscrupulous person could ‘borrow’ a code from an unsold game. Not saying that this has happened in your particular case, but it’s certainly not the first time I’ve heard of a purchased game having codes included in the packaging that had already been redeemed. Hopefully the store honours the purchase and gives you a working code.