Super Deluxe pre-order concern

Hey! I got my code (For reference I bought the Super Deluxe edition), put it into Epic Games, but it says I only own the base game.

I was concerned I got a wrong code. Anyone else get the same thing or is it just me?

EDIT: Forgot to mention this in base post; it says the Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions are “unavailable”.

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I just bought it directly on epic and it says Owned for all three editions so idk

This^ in the lib it has all versions activated.

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Same here. I just sent a message to EGL support asking for confirmation of which edition is linked to my account. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m really hoping they didn’t give me the wrong code or something. Don’t wanna lose the 40 dollars I spent haha;;

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Yeah same here i got my codes from Green Man gaming and it only says i own the base game and for the other two versions it says unlivable

although after redeeming them on the launcher i then also redeamed them on the epic games web site and i got this message

’ You will receive: Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition Retail (Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition Retail)(edited)’

i really hope this means i got it because i didn’t spend $122 for nothing

Hey @harrisonbrown232, I tried to contact Epic like @zirujauak did, but all they told me was to go to 2k for a support ticket. IT’s been 15 hours since then, and then I bumped it 4 hours ago.

0 responses, and their live chat doesn’t feature for Borderlands 3.

Really professional, right? I will play the game anyway but in the case that they don’t give me my code I might have to take this a step further. I don’t want to lose my 40 bucks.

@officialpit123 yeah thats just crappy customer support, I really hope we find an answer because I have no idea what’s going on and why it being weird. and I REALLY aint going to be happy if I only got the base game and waisted $58 like I loved Borderlands 2 so much that I pretty much bought borderlands 3 SDE straight away, so if it’s not SDE I don’t think ill be able to get a refund because its been too long since I bought it

Please give us updates with your situation

@harrisonbrown232 I’ll definitely keep you posted! I personally think it’s 1 of 2 things.

Third party buyers are going to get SDE on full release time, (when I downloaded it, it was 55 GB but the req said 75.)

or we’re got the short stick because 2k rushed to get our codes out after realizing the game was pre-loadable, then messed up the code give out. Since, it seems to only effect people who didn’t cancel the order from 2k directly (Or any other 3rd party)

(go to the first link )@officialpit123 yes same it said 55GB for me too
and we better Bloody well not get the short stick I give these people my money and i expect to get its worth, and if it is there fault and they messed up i can tell you right now i won’t be letting it go

although i do think i may have found an answer

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Weird! They told me this:

"Thank you for contacting Epic Games Support. My name is Nick and i will handle your case today!

I am sorry for the inconvenience that this issue might have caused you.

What i would like to advice you is to contact 2k support directly, since the game was purchased through them and the code was generated by them. You can find their support link here -

In the meantime if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Kind Regards,"

Which, I did. Not getting ANYTHING from 2k.

I will definitely check the history and get back to you @harrisonbrown232 !!

It is totally there @harrisonbrown232 ! Holy crap. You just helped me relieve SO MUCH CONCERN.

It does say I redeemed the right code! You’re a life saver, I almost had a heart attack over this haha!

@officialpit123 yeah lol me too I was about to start punching holes in walls like I even got the day off school tomorrow just so I could play it day one and I can’t wait to go in COMPLETLY blind its going to be sooooooo good

also, side note you know the commander Lilith and the fight for sanctuary DLC how it was for free if you downloaded it before the 8th of July?
yeah well I DEFINITELY downloaded it but when i went to play it it said I didn’t download it so then I had to go pay another $24 which I wasn’t happy about :frowning:

I fortunately got into it when it was free. It was actually a load of fun! It got me hyped as heck for Bl3!

Sorry to hear that you had to pay for it eventually :C

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I’m pissed they are doing a stupid “global launch” that screws PC gamers in Asia and Oceania. Why do we have to wait till almost midday on launch day before we can play while consoles can play at midnight local times?

I know if it was out at midnight i would be playing it from 12am on the dote and also i dont understand why it would be a big deal for us to get it a couple hours earlier i mean you already have youtubers and streamers playing it early

No clue, I think youtubers only got it early for more exposure. Most game publishers do that!

I was hoping it would be a country release time i.e it launches in Aus using AEST which meant I could play at 10pm tonight :confused:

Yeah, that’s definitely a bummer for you guys. It works in my favor since i’m in the US, so i’m excited. But if I was in your position, I’d be less than happy about it also.

I’m in the US as well! I’m over on PDT so I get it before midnight