Super Deluxe pre order

Haven’t received the legendary maliwan gun (completed the 8 tick boxes), gearbox weapon set, and butt stalion weapon set in game?

any known issue with this?

Have you checking the social menu and the mail section? Load up your character and check there.

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Yes there is no special maliwan gun from the vip reward, is the gearbox and butt stalion just skins, or actual weapons?

Do you have all 8 boxes for the maliwan reward checked? I know lots of people are having issues.

Check this thread:

Some folks are having issues. Two most common are: the packs haven’t dowloaded (PS4 mostly but also XB1) requiring a manual download; and not checking the in-game ‘email’ box via the Social menu.

What system are playing on?

PC and i have chcked the mail every time i log in, theres no special maliwan legendary gun for the vip reward

Lots of people have this issue. Both I and a friend I’m playing with as well. You have to submit a ticket.