Super Deluxe rewards and the level you obtained them

I just redeemed the items you get with the Super Deluxe version at level 6 and got a few legendaries (Hyper-Hydrator, Girth Blaster Elite, Deluxe Badass Combuster, Ultraball, Chedder Shredder, Diamond Butt Bomb).

Was kinda excited to be playing and didn’t think about what level I should of redeemed these at. Am I screwed and should of waited to redeem at level 50 ideally?

Also do any of these items stand out for level 6-10? Inventory space is limited haha. Thanks

Thw shields xp bonus works until level 10. The rest are gimicks though the grenades are fun. Also each character can claim that gear. So if you want it on a higher level just level another character to claim it on later.

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Only good items are Deluxe Badass Combustor shield and Diamond Butt Bomb grenade. Rest is more like a joke.

Till lvl 10. And since you don’t need XP boost in early game, I suggest claim this reward around lvl 8-10.

Also, you may want to keep Rubber Cheddar Shredder grenade for money farming.

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Sorry autocorrect typo I didn’t notice. Guess I better fix that