Super Deluxe was a scam

Havent got a single item, even the pre order item, I paid extra to get absolutely nothing, the article of “how to get” was a lie on the other forum, I bought it digitally on xbox, oh yah? It never downloaded, I thought I just had to wait till it was released, but nope, a big company scammed me, why is there no update? Give me a refund or something, the game wasnt even that good, and number one defect rivaling the scam is that the frame rates and lag is so horrible once any local player or online friend joins

Check your in-game email. That’s where they may come in.

If it isn’t in your in-game e-mail you have to go to the xbl shop and download all the pre order content individually. Happened to me and it’s a pain but they did not rip you off and it is still there.

Have you tried asking them?

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