Super hyped, whats up with the beta?

I just found out about this game a few weeks ago, and I’m super hyped for it already. Just recently got back into MOBAs and this game looks like exactly the type of competitive multiplayer game i’ve been looking for. Anyway super hyped, definitely buying and pre-ordering.

I heard that there is going to be an open beta, but I can’t find any info about when it is or how to gain access to it. I want to pre-order, but I don’t want to until I can confirm if I need to do it somewhere specific to get in on the beta or whatever.

The only info on the beta was that it was going to be early 2016. Other than that there has been no info on the open beta. Some people speculate that it will be mid to late March, but so far that is only speculation. There are no facts to back this up at this point. Right now all we can do is wait for an official announcement.


Either way it’ll have to happen during mid March~early April, because the release date is May 3rd.

Hey @shade2323,

Battleborn drew me in quickly as well!

As for the open beta, I assume we’ll hear an announcement next week and/or when the last two heroes are announced. cough I actually made a YouTube video about this. cough Feel free to view at your leisure but the open beta will be here “soon™” regardless!

And again, the beta is an OPEN beta so no need to worry about gaining access. :grin:


Cool thanks guys, and yeah my main real concern was about if I had to pre-order it at a certain store to get an access code or something like that. So I guess i’ll just wait a few weeks till we find out and then pre-order, cause those gold-plated costumes look pretty cool too.