Super lag ~5 minutes into games

Every match i play now gets hit with lag after a couple of minutes into the game, to the point where its unplayable.

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What region are you in? I haven’t seen that issue at all, but I’m in a pretty good location as far as internet, servers, and population is concerned (Ontario Canada, eastern time zone.) Other than that, do you restart your XB1 periodically? Both BB and Handsome Collection seem to get connection issues if you don’t do this regularly.

Isn’t lag typically a client issue?

Euro, good internet, done all the usual xbox stuff, no problems with any other game, xbox network statistics are also good.

Normally i would say it is a client issue but its happening no matter who the host is and only lagging after game play proper has started. The game also says i have green bars all the time, even when im lagging into walls.

Weird, I rarely get lag, but maybe it’s cause I’m in US.

Your location shouldnt make that much difference wrrt lag spikes, only overall latency.

I should probably state that the lag i am experiencing is large variations of latency mid games.

Well, isn’t lag caused by latency problems between players and the server? If you’re matched up with someone in California, and the server is based in Washington (both US states), you’re probably going to have connection issues.

Either way, I don’t think Gearbox can help you, unless 2k feels like spending more money on servers.

That would still cause consistent latency (constant 300-200ms is fine), not erratic latency (jumping from 100ms to say 400ms and back again). Since this has only stated to happen since the last update, im thinking its to do with the net code.

And even if there isnt a problem with the net code, it shouldn’t be connecting me to people who cannot maintain a stable connection with me (which doesn’t make any sense since my connection is fine as tested by other games and devices).

Plus if its P2P gaming, then the servers only roll is establishing matchmaking and recording stats. Again, net code.

Ah, well, I’m sorry. I hope the problem is solved soon for you.

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It’s been doing the same thing for me. Shows my connection is fine but seemingly teleports me in whatever direction I’m going. It seems to die down after a while but usually does it the first part of the mission.

Also, I’m in the US.

I don’t think BB is strictly peer-to-peer? BL2/TPS/BL1 are for co-op, but that’s non-competitive. From what I’ve read around various places, everything goes through the server during the game as a way to minimize cheating. So each client is constantly updating with the server. Of course, I could be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time.) Either way, netcode though, so bugs/memory leaks/timeouts are going to cause issues.

Do you have green bars? If so, it’s likely what I’ve been encountering since Ernest came out. I have to restart my Xbox once every three or four games due to what appears to be frame rate lag.

It hits me randomly and almost always lands a kill for the enemy team, lol! As of today, I have had to restart 4 times within a 4 hour period of play. I’ve learned that going into the command menu during any form of game transition (searching, someone connecting/disconnecting, etc.) tends to accelerate the issue and increase the frequency of in game spikes.