Super List Update!

What do you have to trade for it?

Still want the boomer for the 125 ase to badasses cor cutmans or no…agreed but have not heard from ya

I’ll trade for the cutsman 50 sntnl if you’re still down

Yeah, I wasn’t on much yesterday so I’m doing trades today if you’re on.

@Volak Yeah, I’m down. Have any other splash dmg kyb’s worths or anything else I wanted?

Any thing other than splash damage kybs that your looking for? Bekah with 125 to bosses, or corrosive redistributer with consecutive hit annoint

Yea I have a x3 kybs fire/corrosive 125 splash damage. Another x3 kybs fire/rad 100 weapon dmg ASE. Also a transformer 50% corrosive ase

Kyb’s Worth w/ 125% Splash Damage on ASE
ION CANNON w/ 125% Splash Damage on ASE
Green Monster COMs w/ +5 in The Iron Bank
Top Tier ASE100 Weapons
Transformers w/ Elemental Annointments

That’s everything I’m looking for.

I’ll do that x3 Fire/Corrosive Kyb’s for the SNTNL50 Cutsman

I did also get the Electric Banjo if you’re still looking for that.

That Corrosive Redistributor might be pretty nice as well.

Ok so no lucky 7 then? I found a banjo already too

Yeah, no Lucky 7. Unless you’re looking for an Electric Banjo with damage and chance, then I can do the Banjo for the Lucky 7 as well as the Cutsman for the Kyb’s.

What’s your GT?

GT is Volak

Charging mic I’ll join in 1 sec


Might have to restart my game real quick. Stuck on black screen after joining

Yeah, it said you joined then your name disappeared. I think your game just crashed.

Gearbox think that duping is cheating. It’s not welcome on this forum. Please read the forum rules before posting again. Thanks.