Super List Update!

The electric banjo in your spreadsheet

Funny story, I was trading that to someone else and when I dropped it for them on Sanctuary the thing fell through the map for both of us. I’ll ask around for one though.

Dang that sucks. Well I’ll trade for the shock cutsman 50% cryo SNTNL. I also have an electric banjo but it doesn’t have shock damage. Its chance and resistance

I’m asking some friends for one right now, but that trade’ll work too.

Ok I can wait a little bit if you don’t end up finding one then we can do the cutsman trade

Still doesn’t come up. Could you try adding me gt is Ye olde wolf

Is someone looking for a electric banjo?

I just added you.

I am

Right on I will send the kybs worth in the morning if that’s cool

Any annointed cutsmans for trade

Yea I am what anointments/ slash element cutsman you looking for? Also is your banjo shock damage, electrocute chance?

Did you ever get a banjo? If not I’ll trade for the sntnl cutsman

I got a banjo.

Are you looking to trade it?

Just sent over the kybs.

I’m looking for cutsmans with while sntl active to cryo, while gamma burst active to dmg, 125 to bosses on ase and 100 on ase. Preferably corrosive, but will take fire and shock. Banjo is shock dmg plus chance.

I have the ASE125 Cutsmans and a shock one with SNTNL50 if you want to trade for those too. I’ll be on to send you the Craders EM-P5 here in a moment.

What do you have to trade for it?

Still want the boomer for the 125 ase to badasses cor cutmans or no…agreed but have not heard from ya