Super low FPS and stuttering, new to PC gaming

I installed borderlands 3 on my PC and have been struggling with low FPS, around 25, on low and medium settings. Also tons of stuttering. I’ve tried switching between Dx11 and 12 with no real difference, much more stutter on Dx12 though. I’m still relatively new to PC so I’m not sure if it’s my rig or the game isn’t optimized correctly. However my PC has run games like metro exodus, battlefront 2, and Witcher 3 all with high FPS and no issues. I’ve also gone through different websites for optimizing bl3 and nothing has helped either. Here are the spec of my PC.
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
AMD Radeon RX 580
8 GB ram

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On my setup, I start the game. I load the game and if it stutters or responds slowly, I quit to main menu, then select continue. I sometimes have to do this 3 or 4 times, and then it runs smoothly. Hopefully, this may help.

Check the temps of your hardware
Get another 8 GB of RAM, it might have something to do with not having dual channel RAM.
And in DX12 the game needs more RAM, thus why it stutters more than DX11
Your system being AMD, meaning it should perform better in DX12.
25 fps though isn’t what you should be getting either way.
Maybe cmthomas45 idea might work as well.
Borderlands 3 is a very badly coded game and may be severely hindered by it’s intrusive copyright protection.
But we can’t be sure what exactly is going on.
Anyway good luck!

Dual or Single channel - does not matter.
BL3 is using much more than 8GB, so this config is no go.
From my experience 12GB is ok for DX11 and 16GB for DX12 mode.

Please dont give false informations, BL3 can run without any problems with 8 GB.

Here is my current setup:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Nvidia GTX 1660S

I did some test to see if the ram affect performance, tested on the map Sanctuary with settings on High and DX12 enabled.

With 4 GB ram:

With 8 GB ram:

With 16 GB ram

Task Manager as a proof if you still think that BL3 need more than 8 GB:

Hope this help!

Dx12 mode works with 16 GB of ram, I’ve tested on 12GB system and it was horrible. DX11 maybe you will get away with 8 GB, not sure.

Stuttering on 12GB system, it was clear that some GC was running in the background.