Super Mario Maker

Awesome game. I love the creative power you have in it. And I just discovered the nintendo site: which makes it easy to bookmark levels from any browser and then go play them in game from your bookmarks.

Question though. Anyone know how to play 4 or more of your levels in a row like it’s a world?

edit: here are my levels

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Sadly, although I think I remember such a feature being mentioned in a video with official(?) Nintendo reps I don’t think you can (could be entirely wrong as I don’t have the game or access to it myself so you might actually be able to). If I’m right at the very least you could mimic the naming style so “Matrixneo42 World 1 - Level 1” or something similar. Hmm… maybe make a “Matrixneo42 World 1 - Level -1” that’s beatable but in the style/glitchness of the original -1 level? :smile_cat:

I wouldn’t mind being able to add world warp wipes but really I just want to be able to develop a bunch of 4 level worlds and play through them, one right after the other. Seems really shortsighted. They designed the save/load area to look like you’re designing 4 level worlds, but if there’s a next level button after beating your course, I don’t see it. Instead you have to load the next level via the coursebot.

Even playing your own level via the editor is a little silly until you learn about hitting the minus button if you want to seamlessly replay your level from the start of it (instead of where you died or moved your cursor).

These are somewhat minor complaints. The game is amazing. Infinite mario brothers. If you want to go and play random 8 or 16 random courses from other users, the game is great at that. Seamless. But I’m good at noticing odd design choices, so I point them out.

edit: and the editor is reallly fantastic too. I would like to know which items can be shook though. For example, you can shake a green turtle and it becomes a red turtle.

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I need more exposure for my levels. I “ported” some Doom 2 levels that you guys should check out. The 3d to 2d conversion is odd but I think I made it work.

Apparently most people don’t play the game the way I do and rarely comment or star. I wish they had made a couple things a little differently in this game.

a) it should force each player to rate levels between 1 and 5 stars. The system as of right now makes it so easy to skip levels and gives almost no incentive to not-skipping. And most people don’t seem to comment or star on levels.

b) beating a level with a low clear rate should reward you with stars or something.

c) I can only upload 10 courses until I get enough stars. This is too low. I have to keep deleting levels to make room.

d) level packs would be fun. Let us group together our courses and make them a pack of levels that’s meant to be played together. Even if we couldn’t upload those groupings.

Love the game. Just want some changes to make it even better. It’s hard for me to make progress right now because of the current structure. I want to make levels and upload them but I keep having to remove levels in order to make room. So sometimes I might end up making a level and never uploading it because of this. Or not even making a level because I know I am capped at 10 uploads.

I assume you’re joking? Nintendo has never made a mario game on anything but their own consoles. Latest being the Wii U, which is what Super Mario Maker is on. Many of us would love to see mario games on other consoles, but oh well.

I hear that Little Big Planet (PS3) is pretty cool though. Closest thing I know of on PS3.

Sorry totally blanked out. I must have been spaced out when I posted that. But yeah little big planet is fun. :facepalm:


hehehe. Nintendo has been experimenting recently with some mobile apps though. Still none of their classic stuff for other platforms yet though.

For example: