Super-Minor QOL Request Re. Photonic Ward

Any chance you could make Photonic Ward deal 1dmg to everything it hits when it’s first activated? Just because it’d be convenient for blowing up the treasure rooms in the ops. I can’t see this affecting PVP in any way off the top of my head.

In PvP you would level faster because you would tag minions? Although iirc the exp depends on damage done, which would be effectively nothing in this case…

It’s my understanding that this already happens for PvP (so you get kill credit for knocking someone off the map), although I haven’t formally tested.


Yeh u already get credit for the CC effect.


you’d stop shield recharging in the whole area, which does affect PVP, and, like triazic said, you’d get assists for everything who’s killed afterwards, but I see your point, I too wanted to make PW damage, not much, like 200ish or something, not enough to kill someone, but enough to let enemys think twice before they enter

Hmm I thought the vanilla shield already stopped shield recharging as well but I am sure it counts for assists as is. Yeah that’d be cool, 200 is a LOT of damage though considering you’re hitting pretty much everything. Unless you mean 200 total.

It does, and it depletes all enemy shields in range, regardless of shieldstrenght, but only on lvl 10 (left), I prefer huddle up, would be nice anyway to do at least a bit of damage…
Actually 200 was just a value, but I’d be happy with 100 or even 50, everytime someone enters or leaves the ward, making it at least a slight risk to engage an enemy in a ward, let’s be honest, unless there’s a cliff behind them, noone cares for da bubble, sometimes the enemys get’s knocked back, and is back inside before Reyna even finishes her animation…

Key sentence was “make em think twice before enter”

EDIT: A few Months ago, before they increased the knockback, I had a discussion with a fellow battleborner about her ult and how it could be made more useful, I had the idea of an “Unstable Photon Ward”, basically an mutation which causes the Photonic Ward become unstable after an amount of time and explodes, damaging all enemys in range, something like that