Super nova station mission glitch

I’ve noticed that on the super nova mission the space dust clouds you are meant to follow to get to the station are not showing up on sensors. In homeworld classic the path was narrow but marked out with sensor way-points. These seem to be missing in the remastered version.

you can see the little red way-point markers here in this video of the mission on classic at time 2:15 when the player sets his course. These are not present in remastered, therefore i don’t know where is the safe path

Turn off Anti Aliasing and you’ll be able to see them better

Agreed that needs fixing…

I can confirm this. Clearly this makes the mission much more difficult than it should be. AGroupOfBears’s suggestion to remove anti-aliasing indeed makes them much easier to see, thanks.

This mission is totally bumming me out I can’t figure out how to get to the station at all… I’ve died so much I’m new to the series I’ve read the FAQS for the original but it doesn’t really help me, I can’t find any spot to get my harvestors to anything that resembles money … so frustrating.

Two tips for you: You can dock harvesters into your carriers (and use the (L)aunch menu to keep them docked) and then send the carrier to the resource patches.

And so long as you have enough resources to at least finish that mission, don’t worry about harvesting as everything on the map gets auto harvested after every mission.

That said, super nova is a particularly brutal mission. Lost 3 or 4 destroyers on that one I think.