Super Soldier Shield Parts

Does anyone know how to get parts on the Super Soldier?

I’ve rerolled it twice and all I have been able to get is an anointment so far.

@Arthicrex There is no “way,” unfortunately. It least not that I know about. You just spend silver keys until you get one you want or take the one you get. It’s just RNG. I think the SS can get 2 passives IIRC?

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Yes, the ones I have seen had 2 passives.

I can totally understand the kind of passives you can get being RNG based, but the shield having any passive or no passive at all being RNG based is completely inappropriate. That’s just a waste of keys.

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But here comes the best part: the chances seem to be weighed. It looks like you’re more likely to receive an unaugmented one than one with one augment and are also more likely to receive one with one augment than one with two. The chances to get a specific augment roll is 1 to 17.

Also, you need five keys for a re-roll and the exp you need to get more increases the higher your VC level is. Statistically speaking you would need thousands of keys if you want to go for a specific roll so good luck with that (you’re gonna need it).

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With the Vault Card gear, assuming you are not using illegitimate methods, you just kind of have to settle for what you get unfortunately. But the Super Soldier is pretty strong, the passives are just that thing that take it from 10 to 11. They really are not a “have to have” type of thing IMO.

How does this work exactly (the rerolls)? Like you get an extra shield with different parts, or does it alter the shield I have sitting in the bank?

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Extra shield with different parts based on the level of the character you’re receiving it with.

Nice, thanks!

@Adabiviak I don’t understand why they didn’t do a better job explaining the way the whole Vault Card gear redemption system works. I had the same issue/question that you did.