Super Soldier shield really needs a nerf

I really wanted to read everything, but I guess I’m just gonna quit cause I need bleach for my eyes after reading some comments


It’s like a better Stop-Gap with a gimmick I can actually use on Moze. Issue is that I have to sacrifice quite a bit of damage to use the “invulnerability” gimmick and survivability was never much of an issue on her to begin with so I’d rather stick to other more offensive options.


I mean you get +50% amp damage on most of your shots so I don’t think you end up giving up that much damage and as a consequence you can literally shoot anything point blank risk free so I think it more than evens out giving up a single artifact stat and your com (+ you can also get Phalanx Doctrine on bloodletter which is some nice bonus gun damage). Also you can even use elemental projector in that setup so you honestly might end up doing more damage if you’re set up right.

Fl4k using r4kk attack with a ASS super soldier and a complex root definitely is a force to be feared if you can manage to keep up your bubble

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The game currently IS, and has been, ever since the advent of DLC1, an extremely bad, in-your-face carrot on a string, that gets yanked almost immediately after the players literally buy into the new OP goodness soon to be hotpatched into vendor trash but hey look a new paid DLC with NEW OP guns, rinse, repeat, exploitation of the customer base’s goodwill, said goodwill earned 99.999999% based upon the excellent games that released previous to this godawful perpetually dev-manipulated Skinner-box getting shaken by a Quite Visible Hand attached to Randy Pitchford’s arm, with no slight of hand or slight of stock holders, only slighting US, the players, to shortsightedly profit The Man, and lose the Playerbase and the future in what has been an Epic fail from the get… trademarked, even.

I mean, it’s great, if you own stock in the company, and intend to bail shortly before the market irrefutable asserts that BL3 tanked it.

It sucks if you’re a consumer.

It REALLY sucks if you were a fan.


For real.

Nerfs like this are why I stopped at $99.

I pre-ordered.

It was a mistake.

And it is a mistake that I shall never make again.

Just so, I shall never again buy anything made by Gearbox in the future.

I gained a $99 lesson in regret.

It is a lesson that repeatedly displayed itself as the invariable truth of Gearbox’s marketing/marketeering strategy, over, and over, and over again: Nerf the old, sell OP new, nerf new, sell more, newer OP, nerf, ad nauseum.

Gearbox lost me as a customer forever.


VERY well put.

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Devs buff a variety of base game weapons like Star Helix, Roisen’s Thorns, Hellwalker, Lyuda, Maggie, the Crit (more damage than some dlc weapons btw, just like Hellwalker and Roisens), Hail, and much more to give M10 (maybe too much) gameplay and weapon variety : I schleep :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Devs slighty nerf a dlc gun or weapon/shield gimmick because everyone keeps telling it’s powercreeping other gear in a ridiculous way : They do this to make us buy new dlc, new dlc will have better version of this nerfed gun they do it on purpose, GBX bad :rage:

Another fight they can’t win.


I completely agree with this sentiment, but they do put themselves in this spot by releasing such absurdly powerful stuff in DLC to begin with. Did they really need us to tell them +200% shock damage that can be spammed with AS anointments is kind of a lot? Hard not to feel like they know what they’re doing when they release this kind of stuff…

I feel you dude, most of us feel this way to be honest. Their blatant lack of respect for the fanbase is astounding.

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I think adding a cooldown to the barrier is the answer. They’ve already made an adjustment so unsure what the new fire rate and speed are so would need to see the numbers before commenting on any further changes to those values.

I’m on the side of removing the shield ASA anointment, it seems to break everything it touches and dumbs down otherwise interesting mechanics simultaneously making stats like recharge rate/dalay irrelevant. Without that anointment all of the shields whould have been more or less fine as they are, not to mention it would give life to Zane’s Infiltrator mod.

Zane’s infiltrator already has a use and builds around it as it let’s you use another anointment on your shield other than the ASS one, I can’t see how getting rid of the anoint could give the Class mod life, maybe taking away from Amara and fl4k the chance to benefit “on depletion” shield effect and polarizing shield abuse towards only zane? I can see one dislikes the anoint ( can’t see how tho… It’s one of the coolest all around) but I don’t think removing it would improve anything at all, it would rather reduce build diversity, because theres no need to remove it when you could simply not use it. If you don’t enjoy it others do for sure


To me it all started with M2.0 and the M6+ gear that came with it. This was the first round of exaggerated powercreep.

The difference is that these weapons are “balanced” around the Mayhem level that they drop at(M6+). Making them far less problematic for lower/no Mayhem levels.

Someone on here posted a clip of killing a level 65 M1 Tyreen with a level 8 Hellwalker, this shouldn’t be a thing.

The build diversity is in direct jeopardy exactly because of the interaction between the new shields and shield ASA.

There already is a “CD for the barrier”, the CD of the action skill required to activate the anointment. Also, not a fan of GB constantly power creeping the game but the shield is fine other than the broken interaction between it and PD on Moze. If anything people should have been complaining about the other 2 and the fact that people focus on “the smallest offender” here only shows how arbitrary these “item is broken nerf plox” threads are.


That’s what I mean though. To fix the Moze issue, add a cooldown. Any time the shield goes to full it triggers. Needs a cooldown.

A CD would do nothing to fix this issue as the effect staking from PD is activated “on kill”. This however has nothing to do with the barrier activation effect which, as I said, is not a problem.