Super Soldier shield

Hey guys, just have a question for the Moze mains.

So is the interaction between the Super Soldier shield and Phalanx Doctrine considered to be a glitch by the community? As best I can tell from just playing (not actually testing), the special effect from the SS shield stacks movement speed and fire rate infinitely as Phalanx Shield stacks expire. Obviously this is ridiculously powerful. I just discovered this when farming Hemo today and it seems slightly busted.

Does the Moze community consider this a glitch or an intended interaction?

I also saw a post from @Noelle_GBX related to the hotfix last week, I think, where it referenced something related to this shield needing to be fixed. But it doesn’t appear to me that any of the abusable interactions with Phalanx Doctrine have been fixed, in any way, at all.

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This interaction is indeed something that wouldn’t be THAT broken with you know, Vagabond augments on your shields.
That interaction with the Super Soldier is indeed really broken for the fire rate stacking and to me it could be considered a glitch yeah. For no reason in the world you should be able to fire 80 flipper rounds in 3 seconds, that needs to be fixed.

If the only solution to this is fixing the stacking loose thing by Phalanx, then let it be… It is fun but it feels like a not intended thing in general. I’ve had a lot of fun with vagabonds shields while leveling up

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@RobCheap The hyperspeed is really what I was thinking is, like, actually broken. You literally cannot even walk when the PD stacks decay, it’s literally hyperwarp. Amara would be jealous. Hell, the Flash would be jealous too. I am just constantly dying from falling off cliffs.

However, this shield is so much better and more usable than the Plus Ultra (and other Moze meta shields) that it’s not even a comparison - even without the crazy stacking.

Also I rolled the 75% shield version (congratulations apparently, because the increasing and decreasing shields seem to glitch the interaction even further), and that seems to have something to do with it.


I feel that :sweat_smile:

Well, Gbox is probably trying to get rid of the speed and fire rate stacking without changing Phalanx Doctrine, but eventually they would chance PD if there’s no other way

Btw my on slot best shield for moze is generally the Old God. But now we have the Infernal Wish + toboggan combo = moze sliding and shooting launchers while in flame :smiley:


@RobCheap Again, obviously not a Moze main, but I do quite enjoy her to change things up and I still have like maybe 150 hours on her. I fell in love with the Mindsweeper playstyle when I first tried Moze about a year or so ago. I like that it is so crit-focused, because when you crit, things melt.

But yeah, I figured this probably was considered to be a glitch. I haven’t been watching any community content recently, and definitely no Moze content, so I just kind of discovered it by accident when it occurred to me that an ASS version might actually be even better, so then I spec’ed Phalanx Doctrine (which I don’t normally use) hoping that I might be able to fill my shield over and over and proc the effect each time the shield increases (just knowing how BL works and has worked in the past is a good barometer LOL). Turns out it works on both the increase AND the decrease, at least to some extent.

It’s a glitch. It used to occur on the brawler ward and band of sitorak shields and they managed to patch the interaction out. They will more than likely implement the same fix next patch.


As far as I know this has been in the game since launch. I have used shields with Fleet parts for well over a year on Moze and it’s always stacked movement speed when Phalanx Doctrine decays. I think @cailte probably has the right impression and it is considered by Gearbox to be a bug since this interaction was previously fixed on other unique shields. Probably only went unchecked for so long on generic shield parts because it wasn’t OP or advertised widely in the community, but now that everyone knows about the abuse I think Gearbox will want to snuff it out. And despite enjoying the massive speed potential with Fleet (or Vagabond I get them confused) I’d be okay with the interaction being discontinued


I believe it’s a glitch and as others have mentioned it has been in the game and untouched since launch. You could have fun stacking bonuses with Vagabond shields and the Mr. Caffeine mission reward shield but neither felt really busted imo mainly because the glitch resets the moment you take any shield damage or kill one enemy. It’s possible to re-spec out of PD after stacking bonuses and keep the speed boost but it still resets on damage which limits its usefulness beyond just being a fun curiosity.

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It’s not just a glitch, it’s a bug.

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To the folks who have commented that this interaction has been in the game for Moze with PD and Vagabond shields since launch - honestly, I have no idea if that is true but I assume it must be since I didn’t know about it and only started playing Moze seriously about 3-4 months ago maybe?

I guess I assumed it must work differently since with the SS shield it comes from a special effect, but if this is the way Vagabond shields work with PD, then I guess that’s just the way they work LOL.

EDIT: if this is the case I have a triple Vagabond shield that I can try on Moze too. Although I am not sure why I would need it, the movement speed on the Super Soldier is already so fast that you can easily jump the gap on the MTD without even doing anything special.

What really impress me is that you don t crash your console with this funny stuff, it s a new generation right?:joy:

@olivier_shady Just to be clear, what “funny stuff” are you talking about? I play on Xbox One X, so it is a “last gen” console.

I mean every time I do something that pushes the game engine ever so slighty (spamming elemental effect and explosion for instance) it results in a crash, so would probably running around at abnormal speed

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@olivier_shady Oddly enough I have had very little issue with game freezing and stuttering on Xbone since they made the ASE projectile change. I continue to have crashes when I transition maps, but surprisingly enough I have seen no performance issues with Flash Moze.

If you think the fire rate gets crazy with this, try combining it with an Infinity pistol…

Yes it’s a glitch and they need to fix it I can’t use my new comm with phalanx doctrine with this shield because of it

At least it’s funny. I can cause the Extreme Hangin’ Chad gun to overheat in a fraction of a second… which normally has infinite ammo / heat. Amazing!

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Ha…I use Super Soldier as my go to now…

Never experienced this or even knew about it becasue I never get to Phalanx Doctrine in the Red Tree or use a Blood Letter.

Nor do I use a level 1 Super Soldier

I just use it “normal” I guess and the thing is a beast on Moze. Turns her into a real “Super Soldier”

A true tribute to Roland…LOVE it!!


@johnrr6 I do not run Bloodletter and almost never run Phalanx Doctrine. I run Mindsweeper builds and so I thought I would switch up the normal skill spec and try a Mindsweeper build that used Phalanx Doctrine. I was trying the new shields and just randomly discovered the thing with the Super Soldier shield. Mine is level 65, with ASE cryo. I have heard ASS is good for some reason on Moze but I am assuming it is on IC suicide builds? IDK

I literally just discovered this by accident so I don’t know a lot about how it works. Thus why I was asking whether it was considered a glitch, because it seems obviously broken.

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Yeah, “infinitely” stacking stacking fire rate is quite broken but I don’t think that it’s that much of an issue on “level 1 amp” variqants as you constantly reset the stacks and all you really get out of it is “travel speed” once the fight is over. It should obviously be fixed but I don’t think that it’s a priority issue unlike (and because of) the mayham scaling on skills like FitSD.