Super special shift code

I know it’s already been added to the other all encompassing shift code post, but I really want to make sure people are aware of this one:

It includes a commander pack for all 5 factions, a legendary loot pack, and 10,000 credits!


Oh wow! I thought only the people at PAX got commander packs! This is awesome

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This is both sexy and awesome.
Nice post.

anyone else having problems redeeming the code? it says “sorry, but the code you have entered cannot be redeemed”


Huh… really thinking about leaving work for this one, so i don’t miss it. If i get pulled over, i’ll explain the situation to the reporting officer; it will either end in a padded room, or a police escort. That’s a risk i’m willing to take…


Just keep spamming the “enter code” button; that has NEVER failed to work for me yet, though i HAVE had to exit the game and come back at times.

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Wow! That’s awesome! Me and my buddy just made accounts on his xbox and this will really help boost us(but goddamn that split screen…)

More shift codes like this please!


I did lowercase and it worked

The legendary pack gave me my 3rd borrowed timer… Yay?

Packs were GREAT!

Fab idea GB!!

Keep the goodies coming!!!


Got a maxed Trail Blazers. That MAY be good for Pendles; testing pending.

@jjand302 - Good looking out for us casuals! :smiley:

is it for borderlands 2
if so add me on cxbox 360 i have over 300 legendaries level 50 and 61

This is Battleborn. Not Borderlands.

You want to go here - Borderlands 2

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Can’t use this one. They usually give after a couple of tries when they resist, but this one just won’t get through.

Probably bin too long now

Nah, just got it :]

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Thanks for the code thought I was too late on this one but 3rd time it worked.
Now I have to seal some inventory or upgrade my vault page.

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Hahaha legendarys… Cute…

Trek tho #Dairyfarmers