Superbowl Hype Thread

The time… ladies and gentlemen.

Is upon us.

Seahawks v Pats, Sunday Night.

Ima be drunk in my pats hoodie blasting Dropkick Murphies all night.

Who’s rooting for who? I gotta know my targets before the game or otherwise I will misfire my insults.

-steals your chip bowl- Yup, I’m good. /leaves

First of all, I’m on Keto (unless we win, then Im taking a cheat day) so… thanks.

Second of all… all I can say about this game is that the seahawks are like a rescue version of the ravens, as far as rivalries go.

If only we could take this hatred of each other to a higher level, y’know?

My dear Arson… Arson, Arson, Arson… don’t ever ■■■■■■■ compare my Ravens to the Seahawks. Ever.

I’m just saying. We wish we could be beating you. So we’re left with this other team known primarily for their run game and solid defense.

I know its a double post, but I dont even care.


Sidenote: Mortal Kombat got… really gross/nsfw recently. If you’re nto a fan of graphic 3d bodily injury… be weary.

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Superbowl?, meh.
Rugby World Cup is way more badass.

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really don’t like either team at all. One is evil the other just has annoying fans.

Looking fwd to katy perry though

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Cheaterbowl! The SeADDERAL Seahawks vs the New England DEFLATEriots!

I guess I am cheering for the Seahawks. I hate that they have beaten the Panthers 4 years in a row, but at least most of them were close games.

Mostly excited about all the food we will be cooking up.

Didn’t think I’d be watching but looks like I am. Rooting for Seattle because all my favorite bands are from that area… is that a weird reason?

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Less than five hours now.

Rage meter is building… probably start drinking around 2 or 3.

Lets do this.

Please god, let them stop lynch this game… let wilson make the mistakes.

So far, so good. Killing them on short gains on run and pass, and we’re keeping lynch contained. The INT resulted in a hurt LOB player and NOTHING offensively on the seahawks side. Lets go RWB. I want this so bad…


■■■■■■■ ■■■■. This is turning into a really good game. Not that I like that, but, really…


Seattle’s coaching staff just lost the super bowl. Worst play call ever!

Like I care.


I’m hoping the QB misunderstood but yeah, the Worst Play Attempted of the Year award should go to them. Sadly, they also should get best due to what the receiver pulled off literally a few minutes before that. I’d hate to be him, it’d seem like Coach just said “F*** you and your awesome plays”