Supercell-- Tanking Build of the Elemental Persuasion

Yes, Defender opens up elements a bit more because you’re getting that shock DoT from Superconductor routinely to power Conduit and then United Front is boosting shield regen as well. I wouldn’t say that it requires Aspis activation all of the time because you can still boost Conduit actively with shock weapons. But I’m not shy about using Aspis because I gain additional stacking from Superconductor and Zeus’ Rage once I throw it.

I really like my rerouter but I’m tempted to try this. Hail is good at healing too, and 10/5 superconductor sounds tasty. Although as far as I understand, shock DoTs all over the place can mess with conduit, damn thing doesn’t check constantly for electrified effects.

Yeah, I commented in your topic as well and it’s a very good observation. Personally, I haven’t had issue with Conduit not being active in this setup because if shock DoT isn’t coming from my weapons, Superconductor is making it happen. Even if Conduit isn’t active, United Front is actively converting absorbed energy into shield power. That’s what makes this build so effective at shield tanking, is that there are multiple pathways that are essentially covering one another. A system of redundancy if you will. You only have to be conscious of your shield when Aspis is on cooldown but then again stacking Maelstrom using shock weapons ensures Conduit being active.

For glitch shotguns, as Athena I would highly recommend 0verload for main glitch. True it gives a hefty penalty to fire rate and it chews thru ammo, but as Athena that shouldnt be the problem, as you have skills that can increase both the fire rate and negate ammo consumption. Just look at them juicy bonuses here.
That being said I would go with 4401 for a glitch.

Then again, the fire rate penalty would hurt maelstorm stacking, no?

Yes, at first. But once you stack maelstrom (and get those bonuses to fire rate and ammo consumption (i dunno how the skills are called but ive seen some crazy videos),
switch to 0verload shotgun and wreak havoc.

that is, if you can get that gun to Overload at that point, cause that Elemental Barrage swapping means no reloading at all in orders to keep stacks going. I’d rather argue to use the overload to get the first kill skill going, from there on, fire rate is probably more important (needs testing)

Like ive said, i dunno ■■■■ about Athena, if you can keep those fire rate and ammo consumption skills up while 0verload is active, in theory you could save ammo and still have a decent fire rate while doing insane damage.

Those are some crazy numbers @Exotek, very nice find. Practically, I think it would be very difficult to execute in real time. Once you swap to a Closer weapon when Unrelenting procs, Maelstrom is high enough that you no longer consume ammo (Elemental Barrage) but you continue to stack Maelstrom very rapidly due to the fire rate bonuses. You may be right that these would be high enough to overcome the decrease in fire rate with Overload but the window is 7 seconds.

Do you have to consume the entire magazine and reload for the glitch to occur or can you swap to a empty weapon and force a reload on swap while still having enough time of Unrelenting to make use of it?

@Ha_Na what do you think about that set up?

You can swap to an empty gun and reload. You can also just reload prematurely. The decrease in fire rate seems to be inversly proportional to the amp, and shotguns with their pretty high boost will receive a pretty harsh FR penalty. IF the red glitch procs, that is.

It’s definitely worth a try. A Storm com would probably be the better choice for attempting to offset the FR penalty.

I don’t really see it as necessary because you’re giving up Unrelenting time and it’s not like Athena needs extra fire power at that point especially at the expense of reduced fire rate. It’s just more of can you do it? Yes Storm would be the way to go attempting this.

Interesting discovery fighting Invincible Sentinel this morning. I’ve never been able to hit max Maelstrom against his first form using Storm but with 10/5 Superconductor it’s possible.

Have your Aspis up while he is reflecting bullets, swap to your Closer after killing a Reaper, and target the Sentinel. The number of pellets reflecting back will trigger massive Superconductor activation due to the number of rounds you’re firing launching you to the 999 cap. Repeat each time and you will easily take the first form down.

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Wow, cool trick! I hate his pesky first form

On the subject of glitches, I have an incendiary Thinking shotty with an O4A4 error code, and yes, overload is bad for stacks, but it’s just so goddamn FUN. You get almost Striker levels of accuracy and the kickback results in Smite proccing, things just die left and right. I wouldn’t choose it for the bosses/700 stacks method, but zx-1 is the best fire weapon for that anyway.

ZX-1? Nice fire rate but it plateaus while stacking for me maybe because of console limitations.

Why are Thinkings so hard to find in this game? Those are awesome.

Better than losing stacks while in cover or running away. With unrelenting you can get around 450 stacks easy, throw some zeus’s rage or hades’ shackles in there and you might not even need your closer.

Thanks. Overlook is a great place to farm. Has 4 boxes and earworm all within same area. Farm save and quit and repeat

Supercell hitting max stacks against first form Invincible Sentinel and Eclipse/EOS. Added to op. PS3 doesn’t know what to make of deflecting bullets from Sentinel+Development+Unrelenting+Superconductor. Stacks slower against Eclipse/EOS than Perfect Storm but not too shabby for a “defensive” build.

How about the Absolute Zero for a flash freezer? Or do you just prefer the Fatale??