Superchange: Interesting Supercharge ideas

Hey, guys, what do you think about Supercharge being a 2-lane 5v5, with a larger minion wave?

We can keep the map layout, but add a second lane.


have whoever controls the supercharge pad get minions in both lanes.
so if you cant get the pad, no minions except an elite bot you could purchase

unless thats not how their grinder system works. they may not be able to spawn friendly minions in both grinder lanes.

That might defeat the purpose of the second lane.

This is how the Supercharge map, Ziggurat, looks. :point_up_2:

This is the layout I’m proposing, for a 5v5 version.:point_up_2:


I could see it working correctly if done right.

A lane on each side and the Supercharge pad, in the center.

In between the lanes are jungle areas. In these areas, there are Large Shard Clusters. Use these, to activate gear, to get an edge on your opponents, or deploy buildables, to gain experience and better help defend your lane.

Instead of each team getting their own Giant Minion, they’re both neutral and so are the Thumper Turrets. Use your shards, wisely.

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Is this a joke?? :joy: this is meltdown

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Supercharge is meltdown😐

But for 3

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The Supercharge pad and it’s functions are what differentiate it, from meltdown.
Neutral Giant Minions, as well.

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Anything to make the mode 5v5 and therefore introduce it into quick match works for me. Doubling the map like you’ve suggested does keep the spirit of supercharge, in that there’s a lot to manage and only so many players to manage it, and I think it would keep it open for coordinated plays with rotating between the pad and the sections.