Supercharge gamemode

If supercharge turns out to be like payload from tf2, I wouldn’t mind, but since every game mode requires both teams to do the same objective, that means we’re getting a “payload race” and if I recall: payload race was one of the most hated or less played game mode in tf2, I sure hated it before I quit tf2 for good.

I think gearbox will make a more unique gamemode than a simple payload one. Well, at least I hope so. ^^

They already did Domination though.

Any word, on when this is being released, or revealing the details at the least?

Should we start taking bets on which will come out first, Op or Supercharge?

I’d presume they’d be doing them together, in a single big patch.

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I can’t wait, in general. 3 v 3 sounds great (for everyone else. My mains thrive in group settings unfortunately)

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Reviving an old post

but I’d still like to see this game mode come to life and hopefully with this 21gb update it’s somewhere in there

Hey, look at that hahaha

“with a fifth mode, Supercharge, arriving on Thursday, June 22, 2017.”