Supercharge is charging in!

Supercharge Game Mode Mechanics:

Objective: MINREC’s at it again! He had so much fun watching the Battleborn send waves of minions to their death at the grinders in Meltdown he wanted to up the stakes. On top of ruining robots, you are also grabbing capture points to supercharge your next wave of minions. Three new maps await in these 3v3 multiplayer matches!

Supercharge Tips:

Follow the basic multiplayer guide
Because the Supercharge matches are 3v3, plan for a LOT of coordination with your teammates.
Supercharge has a large abundance of shards available throughout the match, as well as faster than normal large shard cluster respawns and – new to multiplayer – exploding barrels that drop shards as well.
With a large abundance of shards readily available, it’s encouraged to go into matches with higher end gear than what you are used to.
Capturing the Supercharge pad in the center of the map grants your team a boost in its minion spawn waves by adding an additional Shepard bot. This can provide your team and minions with overshield buffs
In the center of every map is a MX.Elite Bot buildable that, when purchased, will walk towards your team’s lane and – if it makes its way to the grinder – your team will earn huge chunk of points and help change the tide of battle.

Let’s discuss shall we?

Exploding barrels!?!

A single elite bot in the center!?!



Meltdown 2.0! (or… 3.0, I guess?) I am stoked, but I can imagine some wouldn’t be that excited. I can’t decide if 3v3 will make the game more fair? or more stompy? hmm

also the higher-end-gear thing is cool but I’m not sure I can be bothered reworking my 30 loadouts haha. I hope there are things to spend shards on (ie. buildables etc) so cheaper loadouts are still viable.

Anyway, this is a good thing for the game I think.


I was thinking it might be nice to only need to find two other people to team up with and only 5 others for a private scrim.


Can’t wait for this mode!


All I’ve got to say is if it’s draft I’ll never be able to play as Kelvin, which is currently ruining the game for me FYI.


I don’t see why they would make it draft when it first comes out

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Sounds not very innovative.People like to play in clusters, so I guess there would be the same cheesy picks as always. Maybe monti or ghalt with miko and reyna support or melee/stun combo. ould like to see a mode with 2 or more lanes and maybe 6 or 7 players per team. And the distance between the lanes should be very high.

I am missing in BB skill players, who dont rely on group bashing and rather on objectives focusing. The best mode for this would be meltdown now.

I am interested in the new maps though. Maybe transfering them to other modes.


Triple legendary builds? :thinking:
Exbloading barrels?:thinking:
Sounds like fun but it’s not gonna be newb friendly


I know the feeling, which is why I also hate draft since Kelvin always gets banned 99% of the time. Us Kelvin mains have it rough in draft. :cry:


No pvp mode in this game is newb friendly. Unless a full team of newcomers go against another team of newcomers…

I’m not a fan of Meltdown gameplay but this mode is exciting! My Rath will be even more OP!


I mean it’s literally making me not want to play anymore.

I can’t ever play my best character when I’m in the most competitive mode.

I can either play incursion with a character I’m not good with versus people playing their best character or I play quick capture/face-off and don’t have fun because I’m just stomping newbs.

To sum it up, I can either play easy mode with kelvin or hard mode with anyone but Kelvin. Obnoxious


Hang in there! As soon as Kelvin gets toned down from its OP state, competitive players won’t ban him anymore!

If it makes you feel any better, my Rath constantly gets target ban too, maybe just as much as Kelvin and Boldur. It pisses me off every time.


Yeah that’s very true
I’m just saying it’s gonna be worse
The “large abundance of shards available throughout the match, as well as faster than normal large shard cluster respawns” just kinda reaffirms that triple legendaries are kinda expected
No new or moderately new player will be prepared for that


I don’t even think Kelvin is very op. He has several counter picks that can render him almost useless.

Kelvin is a pain for those who don’t counter him so he gets banned 100% of the time.

Kelvin isn’t the go to pick to counter any particular character but there are several go to picks that counter him and many more.

I’m just hoping the inevitable nerf comes with some justified buffs.


Personally I ban kelvin because I don’t play any of his counters, nor do I want to. Most of the characters I play have a hard time with kelvin so I just ban him to make my life easier. I have nothing against kelvin mains, but you spend 200% more time looking at the ground when there’s a good kelvin on the other team and I ain’t trying to spend my time like that


So does Toby, who arguably does just as much for his team. The difference as to why Kelvin gets banned when Toby doesn’t, despite having a similar skill-ceiling with few good mains, is that Kelvin is ALL about stuns; people hate stuns. Out of all the Toby mains that i have talked to about it, only @vagrantsun and i take stun-mines, and those who know that we are deadly with them, ban or counter-pick us a lot. Kelvin has TWO stuns, and in the hands of a skilled Kelvin main such as yourself and @Codarik, most people say “f*ck that”. Boldur is a perpetual nuisance, but it’s Kelvin i see stunning the entire team, resulting in a wipe.


I personally think Toby is a big problem. If nobody puts him in check he will put everyone else in check. I would ban Toby more if I could.

Draft is just really frustrating at the moment.


Us everyone else has it rough playing against Kelvin supposedly, so take your golem elsewhere.


I hear you. It’s why i’m hoping that Quick Match gets replaced by Solo/Duo, which will help prevent stompings on new players, as well as provide enough of a challenge for veterans to join who don’t feel like playing Quick Match. I don’t know…

Queue balance is hard…

You may be made of ice, but you have warmed my heart… :blush:


Not a fan of gimmicky modes, so I won’t be playing.

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