Supercharge Super Discussion Thread!

As the title oh-so-subtly implies, this is a thread to discuss Supercharge mode so far.

I played it non stop all afternoon, and I’ve definitely got some thoughts and opinions thus far, but I am about to step out to dinner and so do not have time to post them just yet.

So, please post your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, tactics, strategies, team comps, gear recommendations, what have you here!

So, without further ado, let’s SUPERCHARGE this topic!


Damn, you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue: Was just starting one myself before I saw the forums update. Oh well, let me just copy paste what I was writing right… HERE!

First all, what I think about Supercharge: LOVE IT. Had some pretty good matches, although I did find myself in a few pub-stomps, and meeting my end at some pro Cladi players (didn’t know that guy could be that lethal O.o). Still, it’s a great game mode and I could certainly see myself playing it more, and even bringing some friends in to try it (assuming I can get two of them away from Overwatch long enough >_>).

As for the 3v3 version of Incursion… it sucked. That map and game mode just does not work as a 3v3. If it had been the Dojo version of it, sure, it would’ve worked, but simply having a 3v3 on the full map just isn’t fun. You find yourself in too many stand still moments with no progress being made.

I haven’t had a chance to play the other modes as 3v3 yet, but I don’t see the reason why Meltdown is in this queue when we now have Supercharge. Still, I have heard people say that Capture Points works in this queue, and Face-Off would probably be the same (still need to try them first to see for myself. Anyone else can feel free to let me know).

Anyway, just my two cents on this. Impressed with what’s there so far, but it needs a little bit of reorganising with regards to some of the game modes.


I am ■■■■■■■ confused!



Thank you!

Sorry to steal your Tropic…er…Topic Thunder!


Will post my thoughts in response to your thoughts later!

@logical_juan Confuzzled? About what? How the new mode works?

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That was the general reaction to Face-Off when it came out, yet a few hours in and it finally became obvious how to win it (actually, all too obvious.) I can’t play until much later today, but I’m curious to see if it’s a similar kind of deal.


Much like in the early days of Face-Off, it seems there is an early Kleese + Healer / Support camping on the Supercharge pad while a high DPS / tank character goes out and gathers shards / secure minion / BB kills meta developing.

What will grow to counter it, I wonder?


Really? I was seeing a lot of Gali in the matches I played, and Reyna seemed to also be a popular choice as well. Not to mention the Cladi pros… man, those three characters together alone are scary D:

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I’m liking Supercharge so far, although I’m still getting to grips with it figuring out the map layouts, which characters and gear work best, tactics, etc… I’m still unsure whether it’s better to try and hold the supercharge point, or clear the minions.

Permafrost is now officially my new favourite map. Closely followed by Horizon. Just because I can jump around so much with Deande. Not a huge fan of Ziggurat though, it’s not really my style, but maybe it will grow on me after I play it a bit more.

Overall, it’s been a pretty good experience. I’ve queued up against a lot of people that I know, including you @FlamesForAll, and have had some really tense but fun games.



Of the last 8 matches I played (approximately 2 hours of play), 6 of those as the KLEESE / support / charge pad thing happening.

I immediately understood face-off. I get the general gist of this too, but geez is it confusing to control so much.

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Lots of Montana/Rath/Miko teams on Xbox so far. And they’re very effective on Horizons.


Seein a buncha Monty, Caldy, and Kleese. Kleese has mixed results.

Benedict and Ghalt are good on this map.


Played a team similar on Horizon. It was Ambra, Deande and Montana. They were very effective at holding that mid point down. They must have had it under their control for like 75% of the match! We couldn’t do much, although our team comp of Deande, Mellka and Rath didn’t help, as we were all really squishy. :laughing: We only just managed to win by three points.


Can I just say I love the music of the ice stage? I also love that matches are short, but you level up fast.

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I played a few matches earlier on horizon/permafrost(thanks @Phoenix-2613!) but I’m still figuring out how Kleese can work on those maps and really contribute. Basically I’ll try to observe the maps some more for line of sight etc. I might find something but so far this doesn’t seem like kleese’s mode


Flat dead on Steam so far, but it’s listed in Private matches.
Can we play this with bots?


no but you can play 1v1

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EDIT: No problem, @loving-hatred. :slight_smile:

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I love the maps Ziggurat & Horizon and can play them for themselves alone, primarily because of their aesthetics and map layout to a degree as well.

As for the game mode itself; I like the overall layout but am skeptical to its current form. It may be a question of preference, but my preliminary thoughts are that it’s too TDM-like and may be worse than both Capture & Face-Off due to the XP gains from kills alone. Because of the large amount of XP you get from kills, it snowballs quite hard early on because one of the teams couldn’t get an early push.

Can of course be proved wrong over the next few hours/days/weeks though.


Quick question - can you do Supercharge in Private matches?