Superior to Overwatch

So I played the free overwatch weekend… I have no idea what people see in OW… I know this is personal preference, but I can’t stand the thin-ness of it. It reminds me of old pc games like half life and team fortress… Which are much beloved games, and I appreciate the creativity they brought to the genre and to gaming in general, but I love shooters with a meatier feel, like halo and destiny (which sucks for many reasons, but the feel of the guns isn’t one of them). Battleborn has so much more of a satisfying feel to it… I’ll never buy overwatch… Thanks Blizz for letting me try it so I could experience how dissatisfying it is :slight_smile:


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I actually love both of them. Overwatch is pretty shallow on content, yeah, but what it does have is extremely streamlined. Finding a match is super easy, the gameplay is smooth and balanced, and I absolutely love the characters. Battleborn’s sense of humor is bae though <3

Overwatch is more “popular” because its simple. Sadly, the majority of gamers (hell, human beings in general) are going to tend toward the simpler, easier to digest experience. That’s why, say, a Marvel Super Hero movie (Overwatch) is extremely popular, but a complex and unique movie (I’ll use an example that no one has seen, an independent film called Ink) often doesn’t draw a crowd. Battleborn is complex and unique, and has tons of ambitious mechanics that work together in fascinating ways. But to the average gamer its impenetrable because there’s such a steep learning curve.

I won’t say one is better than the other. I think they just cater to different types of people. Somehow I happen to fit into both categories. XD


Blizzard’s business model is to steal other companies ideas and make them look really good so they can pass it off as their own. Just about every single one of their IPs is a fancy looking rip off of something else. Overwatch is just tf2 with updated graphics and a more PC take on characters.


It is just TF2 with more characters and a fancier story. People like it because of the endless marketing and brand recognition, as well as the fact that everyone plays it and it’s fast with no learning curve (just skill curves). Easy to jump right in with little investment. If it was an indie, even with the same game but little marketing and a previously bad producer, no one would play it


Same. I tried it over the free weekend and enjoyed it. I like both Battleborn & Overwatch for different reasons. Sadly there is a choose one or the other mentality which is doesn’t really serve any benefit - I play games for fun. I find both fun, thus I play both. That doesn’t make one better than the other.


To each their own, it’s completely down to what you prefer. There’s a difference between stating something as a fact or as an opinion. I expected you to say that Battleborn is superior, which, maybe it is, to you. To me, they aren’t comparable, because they aren’t the same game. They have a different take on similar elements, that’s about it. They are both great games in their own right. They both lack certain elements and they both have certain things that make them unique and memorable.


Hey don’t criticise marvel movies

Lol that wasn’t what I meant; I love Marvel movies! All I meant is that they’re a little…shallow, in terms of plot, when compared to say, an Oscar-winner like The King’s Speech. Sorry that probably comes off as snobbish XD My point was, Overwatch is very simple and has broad appeal, whereas Battleborn is much more complex and has a steep learning curve.

I think of the avengers movies being a bit shallow, ant man was cool and doctor strange looks cool to, I don’t think civil war is at all

It already posted this in the press rant thread, but i think it belongs here more:
Played OW over the free weekend.
I personally thought it was a terrible game. Its Team Fortress 2 with a COD feel to it, in my first match after completeing the tutorial, and playing vs AI for two matches to really fet a get a geel for it, i went 23k with only 2deaths. In my first match. I was just walking around with atleast one of my teammates as i played as Widowmaker and just easily shitting on everything.
Where is the call? How do people enjoy this game? I just cant see it, an i usually love everything Blizzard except WoW(shudders in disgust) an OW just doesnt do it for me, an it isnt similar to Battleborn in the slightest.
Compare it to team fortress 2, im sure TF2 wants their t-shirt back

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Lol why?

Completely agree

You must be new around here.

Batlleborn VS Overwatch topics never end as well as one would hope.

Give it some time, various mods would be watching it closely, and the thread would be closed once things go awry.

And I’m calling dibs on that.

That’s totally cool. I’m not saying people should t like overwatch, I just personally don’t see it, and I think it’s because of the “twitch” feel to it, more similar to cod… Battleborn had a beefier feel.

It’s cool if you like both. I just fee horribly Unsatisfied with the “gunplay” of overwatch. There was a nice bit of polish with regards to giving players props, getting in game loot boxes, having the ability to change the weapon skins on characters-- all of that was really cool, and stuff I wouldn’t mind seeing in battleborn, but the gameplay felt like an indie shooter to me. Jolty and thin, instead of impactful… Just my feelings on the matter, but if I were to make a comment more on the objective side I would say that I honestly don’t think overwatch is groundbreaking by any means… The notoriety it’s getting says more about catering to the masses than the caliber of the game

I got the same feeling honestly

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Lol ok. I wasn’t looking to start a fire, I just personally couldn’t understand what the fuss was about…

Don’t worry, you’ll learn.

It’s usually pretty hilarious when it happens too.

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Not for the moderators.

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Gameplay? No, it isn’t groundbreaking, and from a video game, yeah, you would expect more. But it is a first person shooter after all. TTK is low to keep combat going, short and snappy. As for the design, world building, voice acting, lore, character back stories and designs, it’s all very unique. If you haven’t seen all the recent animated shorts, the last bastion is very good. Shows emotion without any words being exchanged. Also…Blizzard, that name alone generates hype. Blizzard + new IP? Mega hype. It was inevitable. As a whole, the game is great to me. What it lacks in gameplay and content, it more than makes up for in almost everything else. Again, my opinion.