Superior to Overwatch

Yes, but for multiple game modes to work properly without huge number of players constantly playing the game, you need a server browser so you can see where the people are and join them. There are some smaller games with small communities, and multiple game modes, and yet there is no problem finding players there.

It is really that you either need to have a server browser, or less modes, or one queue with voting. I dont know about moba, but for fpp shooters it is rare to create so many queues, and we had a lot of them.


I dont like the art and because of that I have problems finding characters I like to play. However I dont think that art is of poor quality just because it doesnt suit my taste, I think it is quite fine. Im also fine with humor, but frame drops and other technical issues are definitely a problem. So I would say that characters are of quality, but the game as a whole isnt. I mean, when I see a bot blocked by turret behind first sentry on Monuments, and I just know it is something that one person can fix in less than 15 minutes, I cant find any excuses for Gearbox.

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As much as I like BB and dislike OW, I gotta point out the following. Statistically speaking Overwatch is superior to Battleborn. In terms of general gameplay comparison that’s where our subjective experience takes place.

Again, based on facts there are a whole lot more players playing and enjoying OW than there are for BB… that tells us which of the 2 Is currently superior before we state otherwise with opinions.


Overwatch is superior to BB visually and audibly. Performance wise as well, far as I can tell. However, BB has it beat in the one area I care about, gameplay. I like progressing in each and every match and feeling like I’m getting more powerful as time goes on. That’s just me though. I feel like I got my 60 dollars worth put of BB, but I went through all kinds of shenanigans to pay the “correct” amount for OW onPS4, $25.

It’s a good game, but not worth the 60 Blizzard is asking for. I traded in for the same I got it for and used that money toward Pokémon Sun.

Real talk tho, Phoebe is in BB so it wins by default.


I’ve only played Overwatch a few times at a friend’s house (and it was on Xbox1), but i knew almost immediately that it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t really the game modes or TTK, because i’ve played many games that were very similar, and liked them.

It really wasn’t even the characters either, because even though my opinion is that Battleborn’s characters are more lively and unique, that doesn’t make Overwatch’s characters BAD. I mean, i did notice a disturbing lack of mentally-disturbed penguins, but it DID have a talking Gorilla, haha.

No, it’s just a classic case of “not for me”, and that doesn’t make Overwatch dull, boring, cliche, etc.; the same holds true for Battleborn, which didn’t “click” for all of my pre-Battleborn friends, several of whom love Overwatch. We don’t argue over which one is better, because it’s simply not something that can be argued, outside of financial gains and playerbase (both of which do not automatically make something “better”. Just look at McDonalds). Battleborn simply isn’t for most people, and while that may make it LOOK like an inferior game statistically, that doesn’t MEAN it’s inferior. This thread would exist even if Battleborn and Overwatch’s playerbase and “success” were reversed, because people just like to compare apples and lightbulbs for some reason. I didn’t care for the Attikus DLC aside from the rewards, but that doesn’t make it bad; i prefer the dialog and mission structure in the Toby DLC more, and many people don’t like that one. Different strokes for different folks, and no one’s opinion is wrong.


You can’t really say they beat them visually and audibly (how were they beat audibly) because those are opinions

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Graphics and pixels

I’m just talking about design choice. I like the battleborns more and it’s audio too, but I don’t think it has overwatch beat in that area, as that is just matter of opinion

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My whole post was my personal opinion. Not saying BB is ugly, but I just find OW more visually appealing. I can see people picking OW over BB for that reason alone. Not saying it’s a GOOD reason, but whatever. As for audibly, I can’t think of any BB music that stands out to me apart from the intro track. The music in OW is at least memorable to me.

Oh you met music, to be honest besides friendship raid which has awesome music, I can barely hear any music,but ok, thought you were saying it as fact

Really? Odd, I very much enjoy Battleborn’s music. Guess that’s just personal taste.

I played Overwatch’s Beta, and it was a very well put together game, but I just stopped playing it because it’s twitch-based gameplay, and i never much liked that. Longer TTK ratios give you more time for tactical play rather than just blind run-and-gun.

Honestly I felt like that was the biggest lie in its gameplay, heroes and all, yet TTK had them die very quickly Like regular people, even reinhardt for crying out loud

Bad Reinhardts die quickly, yes. Flankers like tracer and Genji are the quickest to kill. The TTK isn’t as bad as games like Titanfall 2 to be honest.

Yeah, design choice will almost always be debatable, but ow wins in the visual technical department guaranteed

How, it is an opinion