Superior to Overwatch

I remember where this went the first go round. it may seem ok now but these threads spiral out of control very quickly because people start calling each other out and just downright shitting on other opinions

I am the hammer in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the trolls, the closer of threads, the horn that wakes the derailers, the shield that guards the forum of Gearbox.


I knew it!


Agreed. I own both. I play one more, but, I understand why both are fun

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I wish you could put this in your description

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What a great monologue :slight_smile:
You shld post this more often it was epic


This has been wonderfully civil so far - few things have made me want to try either one more than these posts here.

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Ha. Consider it added to my profile.

Hey thanks. I cant take full credit though. I just ripped off the Nights Watch oath and modified it to fit the situation.


Well said, well said.

Although, I do find the gameplay to be top notch.

How dare you suggest that!.. Jk lol

I agree in Battleborn’s superiority for my tastes, but I do enjoy the odd Overwatch match when I have time. I will also say that mastering Ghalt and Ernest had made me an unstoppable force as roadhog and Junkrat. Battleborn’s focus on defensive safe play has made me objectively a better overwatch player.

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All good mate - if my post came across as if I was having a go, then I do apologize! Sadly most of these topics do escalate when the ‘you don’t like what I do so you are wrong and dumb’ type of crowd starts posting.

Battleborn and Overwatch are my only pvp experiences so I’m very new to online gaming :slight_smile:


No problem at all man! And Nice! Welcome to the fray! Another one of the reasons I prefer battleborn is for its split screen. My wife and I have played like 10 matches in the last few hours. It’s great. I might not have ever given battleborn a chance if overwatch had split screen, but I’m glad it worked out this way, We both really love playing battleborn together!


I dont like ow, i dont have so much fun. But i dont know why today i rly wanted to play! Maybe because the matches last 10-15 min like capture, and i had a lot of things to do and every time i had a break i thought, maybe i could play a bit.

Ow for me feels unbalanced and mm is awfull, with such a big base, this weekend took me up to 10 mins to find a match and mostly i got in matches with high lvl players who knew how to counter my strategy. So it was frustrating but somehow today i felt like i could play 1 or 2.

I think is rly over priced and lootpacks takes a lot of time to get and are expensive ( i got 3 legendary skins…), I dont see how ppl can complain about bb… Gearbox just spoiled me!! I :confused:. To much rng for skins you doh want/like and expensive to waste in their microtransaction.

In the end what i learned: i like ow characters because they are relatable but thats why they feel fake.
There is no progresión at all.
Matches are short and sometimes fun or frustrating (but they dont last 30min).
Healers are not that great untill héroes never die.
I need héroes never die in bb.
Toxic players are everywhere.
Bastión and diva ar the player of the game.
Bb need to highlight our defenders and healers for their hard work.
I love the thx and i need healing interaction chat.
Some ow taunts are pretty funnie and skins are rly good.
Bb needs an upgrade with their loby… Is just to dark and boring

id say OW is fun in its own way. games are short and action can be intense. or it could be a stomping that ends quickly. the one thing that draws me to battleborn still is the heroes. they just feel more interesting and full of life. it fails in a lot of other areas but the diversity of heroes and their interesting personalities and back stories is the strong point of battleborn. and its the reason im still interested in playing different heroes. in OW i felt like the heroes themselves lost value because they could be interchanged at any time. while its nice to change it up sometimes the downside is that they dont feel as important. the game is still fun in a different way and really is a lot different overall.

I want to see you in Battleborn Ad!

I mean I agree but… Ok nvm I just agree.
I’l probably buy it when OW is down to 20 bucks though since it’s gonna be my PS4 TF2 then. But it really isn’t much more than that… I don’t like the characters enough to feel sympathy for any of them or to feel anticipated in the ‘‘story’’ nor do I like most of them gameplay-wise. I really thought I’d like the heroes once I get to play them but nope, my disliking actually got worse because they seem even more generic in the game lmao

The modes are… well, shallow. I already got this in TF2. If they ever introduce new and innovative modes I’ll applaud them. The maps look stunning though and are mostly well designed for their purpose.

Anyway, on the plus side I really love PotG and the shot of the winning group at the end. I think BB should introduce something similar because it would make skins (especially those you paid your precious real money for) more visible. I think the game could make more profit with skins that way when you have more chances to actually see them, taunting during PvP is often impossible… but I’d really consider buying skins if I got to see it more often :slight_smile:


I’m a big fan of Battleborn and it’s a game that I will continue to play for some time to come (I’ve already put in over 300 hours on the game).

I was not a fan of Overwatch. I tried the beta and I wasn’t at all keen. I think that all of the hype and the Overwatch v Battleborn comments at the time (many negative towards Battleborn) put me off Overwatch and I just wanted to play Battleborn which had just been released.

I decided to try Overwatch at the weekend for 2 reasons. Firstly it was to confirm my opinion of the game and secondly because my fiancée hadn’t played it. We ended up playing Overwatch for around 9 hours and will now be buying it. We both really liked the game.

Overwatch is slick and polished, it is very smooth in its play (the 60fps probably helps). It’s easy to pick up, the gameplay is short (typically 5-10 minutes for a game) and the matchmaking is quick.

Overwatch does not have the depth that Battleborn does. What you get with the characters is it, there’s no helix upgrades, there’s no back story in the game itself (I believe there’s videos and information online though). It’s a quicker game as it is a twitch shooter which may not suit everyone’s gaming style. There’s no single player story like Battleborn has. On the other hand, matchmaking is quick, there’s competitive play, it has some nice touches (e.g. skirmishing whilst waiting for a game) and everything is available to anyone who plays the game (albeit the loot crates giving very random drops).

Overwatch and Battleborn are quite different games. Battleborn is a MOBA-style game whilst Overwatch is a twitch shooter very similar to Team Fortress 2. Is one game better than the other? No. Each game has its pros and cons and ultimately it comes down to which game a person prefers. Some will prefer Battleborn, some will prefer Overwatch. Some will also like both games and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’d suggest that people put aside the ‘loyalty’/fandom/whatever-you-want-to-call-it for their game of preference in the Overwatch v Battleborn ‘war’. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t be swayed by loyalty. Don’t be influenced by other people’s comments. I was and it affected my feelings towards Overwatch which were incorrect (at least for me). If you get a chance to play it, try it and judge for yourself. You may still dislike it but you may find it’s not as bad as you thought.

Like I have said, I will be buying Overwatch but Battleborn will continue to be played as I think it’s a great game. :slight_smile:


Would buy ow if the price gets a -50% on ps4. Overwatch is more overpriced.

Awesome movie btw.