Supernova Moze - Mindsweeper Build Video + M4 SS Run

Showcasing my Supernova Moze build focusing around the Mind Sweeper + Krakatoa for insane micro grenade damage. As a fl4k main I was keen to build with Moze and wanted to explore how to get strong results out of this underrated class mod. I wanted to take advantage of skills like phalanx doctrine and drowning in brass while keeping the versatility of splash based weapons that the DW tree buffs and this is what I came up with. The dps skills from the SOR tree + overkill damage + the micro grenades makes for some insane mobbing potential. Lots of fun to use in the shaft, the build carries itself in true takedown as well. Definitely recommend giving it a go!


That’s pretty sweet; I’ve been thinkering with the MS mod as well for a while, and it’s nice to see that someone is playing with it too.
What was your experience with takedown? Especially for valkyries and wotan it’s noticeably harder to hit crits in a reliable way.
If we take Wotan’s lower half, you can crit the brain case quite easily, but I also noticed that Wotan is so “tall” that the micro-grenades from the MS would just “rain” to the ground without doing any significant damage.

Looks good and different. I might try this on my 3rd Moze. I think I have some decent sniper rifle MS.

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This is officially my favorite build for mobbing with Moze. I just need to keep another weapon handy for fire immune or all armor enemies.
Just the Krakatoa itself is very strong with Mind Sweeper com. Add in good rolls and the 2 mag 125 fire for Moze and it’s incredible. Be mindful of the volcano explosions, they can hit for 35-70k+.

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