Supernova Station Bug - unfinishable (possible fix (EDIT 2))

Note: this was done in Classic, but as the bug also exists in Remastered, this might help for that, as well.

People have been running into a problem in HW1R where all the objectives get completed in SuperNova Station, but the level doesn’t finish. It just sits there.

The problem isn’t in the Remastering, I don’t think. I believe it’s in the original game. I just completed the level in Classic. All the enemy ships are destroyed, but the objective to destroy them refuses to be marked as complete.

The only difference between Remastered and Classic with this bug is whether or not the objective indicates as finished. The result is the same: the level never ends, so it needs to be restarted from the beginning.

EDIT: Ok, I think I figured out what’s going on. Upon attacking the station, one of my Ion Frigates decided to leave. I went out into sensors manager, and discovered that one of my ships was flying off into nowhereland (seriously; if the station is north and the Mothership is south, my Ion started flying up (+Z) and east). But, I couldn’t focus on it! I could select it through my Groups, but I could not force the camera to focus on it, so I could not even look at it. I only knew it was an Ion from the selection indicator in the upper right.

It would not surprise me if one of the defense ships is taking a similar action, flying off into nowhere - and thus avoiding being killed, preventing the mission from finishing.

EDIT 2: Failed to complete twice, started at the beginning both times. Both times, I followed the main/central path (the one with the Heavy Cruiser) all the way to the end, then came down to the station, resulting in my approaching the station from the side. Both times, the mission failed to complete. The third time, instead, after encountering the heavy cruiser (loaded a save here, did not start over), I immediately moved to a point just “behind” the station (protected side), without following the dust. This resulted in me approaching the station from the side which appears to be intended (the side with all the Defenders). Approaching the station from this main face (instead of from the side) seems to have fixed my problem, because the mission completed successfully this time.

I believe that the issue on this level is that the AI has a few units that run off and don’t engage - and you will have a hard time tracking them down and killing them - though I was pretty sure the fix for this was in the 1st Remastered patch (not sure about Classic).

Any ships that fly off like that should be destroyed by the level, but they’re not. I believe you are correct about them flying off, but it’s not a matter of tracking them down, because they become bugged - just like my unfocusable Ion Frigate that flew off.


Again gameplay and unit scripting aren’t my deal - but as I understand it you can find and kill them. They’re not bugged in a way that’s unreachable, etc. The ‘fix’ was supposed to just make all enemy craft left after the final objective auto-attack the player’s MS - forcing them into engagement range.

Well, the first time I encountered this, I actually went around and explored much of the dust-protected area (not all of it, that would take forever), and failed to find them. My Ion didn’t bother following the dust, so I don’t see why the enemy units would either - and flying around the level looking for them without any indicator as to where they might be would probably take longer than simply doing the whole level over again.

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I had no issues with the level in classic (granted, it’s the original copy, not the Classic version from the bundle). It’s better to attack all the ships first, before attacking the Station, so that none of the ships will “fly off the map”. They should be getting killed by the radiation though, maybe the radiation is really weak ;D

I’m assuming I must be getting the “fly off the map” bug in my latest attempts to play through the level.

The first attempts resulted in a crashout glitch. That must have been fixed in the first patch. The ones following that were loaded from the autosave which caused the minelayer cut scene to fail to trigger. While I completed all of the objectives at that time I was unable to hyperspace, presumably from the lack of research.

Today’s attempts resulted in the cut scenes and research triggering properly but I left one of the Frigate groups alone until I had defeated the carrier defending the station. By then they must have wandered off the map because multiple destroyer searches failed to find them.

This was the first mission where I really noticed how badly the Carriers had been nerfed from classic. I’ve spent more time on this 1 mission than the rest of my playthrough combined now.


So I did manage to get past this mission, but the entire process seems incredibly meta to me if you have to make sure particular elements are taken care of first to prevent a crash or campaign breaking glitch.

If this isn’t patched out I’d recommend that the mission objectives be changed so that players clear all the outer lanes before going near the station defenders.
Then to make sure to kill every last Frigate, Defender and the Carrier before blowing up the station itself. Which means you cant approach from the direction of the supernova as seemed to be the way they wanted you to do it in classic.

Anyone else found that the wall of Defenders was bugged? They’ll only fire outward you can park between them and the station and blaze away at them and they cant turn to fire back. Of course every time I did that the mission wouldn’t complete.

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