Support and Disappointment

I must be a sucker. I loved BL2 and played over 1000 hours. When BL3 was set to launch I pre-purchased the full-blown deluxe-badass-drop yourwallet on the table version of the game. I RARELY do this kind of thing for games. There are maybe 3 games I play that I would be willing to consider doing this for. So … now that I have the game and have been playing I can say that I paid a 100% price for an 85% game. The term half-a** comes to mind. I cannot believe GB would drop a game with this many issues. To top it off there is a very arcane and cumbersome process for getting in contact with support. So I am posting here in hopes my complaint is heard. Many bugs… many crashes… horrible experience. I expect recompense for my frustration. Sincerely, UNHAPPY CUSTOMER. <3


Someone heard you… (someone gave you a “like”)

Now do you want help or was venting enough?

If help is what you’re after I suggest taking one issue at a time & check forum for similar problems.

Please also use:
I’ve found them to be quite responsive

Good luck & hope to catch you in the wastelands

Thanks Geldric. Venting in a post does make me feel a -little- better. However, I want some acknowledgement from Gearbox on the major issues with BL3. I believe people make mistakes and that happens but they need to own up to them. Coming out with patches that fix paint and saying little about the issues and exact or even estimated) ETA on the major issues is not acceptable.

I do hear you though. If I want my specific issues resolved I need to address them specifically in the forum or through a ticket. You are correct for sure. I intend to do so. Just felt like sharing my troubles publicly.

As inflammatory as he is (Patrick)…he’s got a point.
2K sent me nothing but canned emails and kept telling me to use steam’s verify files.

Course anyone with half a brain would know that BL3 is only Epic Games Store for the short term.
I’ve gotten more help from these boards than I have from 2K let alone Epic Games.

I don’t think Gearbox deserves any hatred at this point as Gearbox at least is a resource of usefulness.

2K and Epic however - yeah…steaming pile of doo doo honestly.

hopefully you have better luck than I did with 2K…because I refuse to work with anyone who refuses to think before they hit “reply with template”.

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Yeah, I got the canned reply too but kept updating the ticket with crash logs and other stuff they asked for and we’re still working on it.

Pretty sure they have a short (2 days?) auto-close on their tickets, so if you don’t reply it’s closed.

I’ve been on the other end & know for a fact that EVERY gearbox developer wants the game to run great & all of us have fun. However, probably 75-85% of problems can be fixed with some game/windows maintenance.

It just sucks for those of us that already go above & beyond trying to resolve issues are faced with something like “please reboot your PC” or “update drivers” as the initial response.

Edit: pretty sure we have to get past the front line 2k support which then gets sent to GB <- total speculation on my part

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Yeah…2K isn’t winning any favors…but Gearbox is rockin’ it for me.

Homeworld 3 ftw <3

Anyway - Yeah…all we can do is weather the storm and just ride this out…its a great game honestly…rocky start…obviously didn’t bother doing any Q/A worth a damn.

But still good. Likely got pressured and rushed out the door production wise…some of the graphical bugs i see are utterly stupid and so easily spotted/fixed its not even funny.
But alas…the world we live in - this is normal.