Support and repair vette heal beam initial thoughts

First THANK YOU for making this work! However I’ve noticed a few small annoyances that in some ways make thinks a little worse then they were before, but I think it should be possible to tweak them out.

Disclaimer is that I only played with these for a few hours last night so this is not as deep of an analysis as it could be but here goes.

First, repair vettes: before the best way to use them with attack vettes was to 1 to 1 command then to repair in which they would follow their designated attack vette then latch if the vette started taking damage. They were constantly in motion. It was a pain to set up, but actually worked surprising well once set up.

Now, you can command a group of repair vettes to repair a group of attack vettes, but they just get in range and hold position until the vette they chose to repair takes damage. This has the effect of a vette swarm fighting an enemy swarm with the repair vettes sitting idle in the middle of the battle. Not to safe for those guys. Would it be possible for them to follow thier designated repair target?

Support frigates: similar situation. Their position once given a repair target is way back from the actual target so that the time it takes for them to get into range and start actual healing is longer than the time it takes for the frigate to die. They did a better time following their repair targets before. Would it be possible to adjust this ‘hang back’ distance?

I also noticed that they seem to be limited to the number of latch points, so only 2 support units can repair a frigate at once. I’m guessing this is a limitation that cannot be overcome in code, and may not be a bad thing overall from a balancing standpoint, but still thought I’d mention it.

Along the same lines, field frigates seem to be hanging back further from their guard target then they were before. I could be wrong on that one.

i noticed the latch point thing too last night in a game with alpha. i was trying to repair his MS with about 8 SFs, but it seemed like only a few would repair. i thought at the time that they were bunched up too much to get into a good position. but now im thinking this may be caused by the code using latch points.

i also agree that limiting the number allowed to repair an individual ship is not really a bad thing, but perhaps we could jack the limit up a bit. maybe latch points X 2 would work.

We have them reserve latch points as a balance measure - otherwise a swarm of healers can make some larger ships effectively invincible. No bueno. If you want them to be more effective, you can make them heal more - but just randomly making them use ‘2x’ latches or something won’t fly, as there’s really no way to track that in-game. A 1-to-1 mapping of latches to repairing units is easier/feasible, and best yet, already done :wink:

Certainly none of this is ‘perfect’ - it’s pretty new, there’s lots to tweak/massage, and really, we’ll probably never reach perfect.

that’s cool… i do think we may need a small balance tweak on the healing rate, just as long as we don’t OP them. i think with a better follow AI, them will be awesome.

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Yes for sure need to look at the number there. I had a CPU Vayger HMF blast straight through an assault frig with one support frig as if it were not there. All that will be hashed out in balance mods I’m sure though.

yeah, all we need is a better guard / follow mechanics. i notice this with other ships too though, not just SFs and RCs.

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I agree some better following behavior & perhaps a slightly enhanced healing speed and they’ll be perfect such changes of course should probably get applied in the official balance mod when it comes out. For now I think that new addition is satisfactory.

You know later on you could still give the hiigarans and Vaygr their own fancy little support ships for mp just saying that would ease up on limiting choices. I wouldn’t mind seeing new official ships after a decade. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway good work guys…

You have them, they are called collectors.

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I think he mean on the frigate class, but for that their carriers are easier to build.

I did a few more runs today, yeah, the heal rate will need a little buff for sure. Or else it just doesnt worht the rus spent, it is better get more firepower

yea but you need to sacrifice RU capability

Do you, in every HW game you play, every time, without exception, max out your collectors?

Do you in most games, most of the time, max out collectors?

we got used to this in cataclysm… you have workers for harvesting, and workers for repairs and salvaging. i actually like that now that i think about it. cata workers were awesome.

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Any buff in repair capability for repair vettes and support frigs needs to have an accompanying buff to the repair rate of collectors. Collectors in fact should have a higher repair rate regardless because they are much more exposed than other repair ships now. I would be against giving collectors a repair beam in case anyone was thinking that.

How about giving the beam to hw2 colls and give them 2 modes with a cooldown timer. Repair and harvest. Cooldown let’s say 2 minutes. Remove hp upgrades for hw2 and remove hw1 leach hardpoint system?

Effects - hw2 bigger fleet but with weak support that can be destroyed quickly and hw1 smaller fleet with stronger support that can withstand more damage? The cooldown timer would be used so that colls wouldn’t be able to insta heal.when a rush appears and to slow production if a player would decide to make his repair units as harvesters.

The thing is that with the new mechanics and the nerf on rates repairs are better for frigates, since they can start reparing before the ship dies, but much much worst when it comes to destroyers and cruisers, it is just like they were not there, you can ignore the repair ship and go for the kill, hc for example can no longer survive a fight against an upgraded bc, even with 4 supports frigates, so a little buff on rates are needed, mostly on the rates of repairs on the super capital ships.

Sure, as long as there is an equilivent nerf to armor upgrades and built in repair :ok_hand:

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Perhaps better saved for when the actual balance patch released, my point however was simply that all things being equal, as in the repair rate of the HW1 repair ships being the same as what they were, the support frigate specifically (not corvette) has increased survivability now due to being able to sit behind the combat ships instead of having to latch on to them means they have received a buff. There has been no corresponding buff to how HW2 collectors function. Suggesting a nerf to HW2 races due to HW1 races having received a buff to how their repair ships function seems a bit… backwards?

Once the balance patch drops concrete suggestions could be made on exact amounts but currently collectors die in droves when trying to repair large ships while HW1 repair ships are not in the line of fire as much. I do not see the logic behind suggesting a nerf to HW2 ship stats based on this.

Was the repair rate reduced from last build?

@scole, @BitVenom

Yes, it was twice as effective due to the game running twice as fast so it was reset back to where it was supposed to be.

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