Support/Builder Character

I kind of want to try out a “shards gained/building cost reduced” type play style with an LLC character. I just don’t know if this role should be reserved for more of a support character like Kleese/Marquis or if an offensive character like El Dragón would be fine.

Personally I only play support characters, Miko/Reyna and I use shard gaining items. Makes it easier to get your levels in early on so you don’t fall behind super fast but that’s just me.

My top builder is Kleese. Made a lot of magic happen with him while geared out for full credit generation + cost reduction gear.

Same here. Kleese actually excels at battlefield control. Black hole, rifts creating a base for your team / clearing minion waves. I’ve managed to get people to immediately run the moment I melt all of their shields and a quarter of their health with a well-aimed shield-dumping mortar barrage from behind my allies. Adding tons of turrets and other structures on the battlefield to aid your team just makes it even better.